Why do I become smaller when I stand in front of you Kim Yeon-kyung’s performance in ‘Clutch

2023-2024 V-League 4th round match between IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Heungkuk Life Insurance, a women’s professional volleyball team, took place at Hwaseong Sports Complex on the 4th. Kim Ho-cheol, manager of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, who met before the game, said, “If we were tied with Heungkuk Life Insurance, there were times when we missed the game we had already won. Other teams have at least one win, but Heungkuk has not won yet. “I want to start off by beating Heungkuk Life Insurance in the first game of the new year,” he said.

As Coach Kim said, IBK Industrial Bank had lost all three games this season against Heungkuk Life Insurance before today’s game. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, where the players in both wing positions are relatively short, is not easy to block Heungkuk Life’s main weapons, Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s ‘double gun’. This means that the compatibility is not good. Coach Kim said, “If (Kim) Yeon-kyung is in good condition, she hits on the block. “In the end, I think the key point of today’s game will be how to block other players except Kim Yeon-kyung.”

On this day, IBK Industrial Bank did well to block Kim Yeon-kyung until the third set. Kim Yeon-kyung was unable to avoid a slump, scoring only 6 points through the third set, and her attack success rate was only 19.23%. 먹튀검증사이트

The problem is that even though Kim Yeon-kyung did well in the 3rd set, IBK Industrial Bank gave away the 1st and 3rd sets, falling behind with a set score of 1-2. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s ace Kim Yeon-kyung performed poorly, but Yelena, who had recently shown signs of fatigue, led the team’s attack. As setter Lee Won-jeong was unable to clear Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack route, he used the middle blockers led by Kim Su-ji and Joo-ah Lee more actively than usual.

In the fourth set, Kim Yeon-kyung came back to life like a ghost. In only the 4th set, she had an attack success rate of 63.64% and she scored 7 points. Nevertheless, IBK Industrial Bank took the game to a deuce by winning the 4th set thanks to the ‘double fire’ of Abercrombie and Seung-joo Pyo, who scored 8 and 6 points respectively in the 4th set

Kim Yeon-kyung, who came back to life in the 4th set, dominated the 5th set. She won 5 points with an attack success rate of 71.43%. The purity of the scores was even higher. 3 out of 5 points came at the end of the game. When she was behind 14-15, she brought the game back to deuce with a time difference, and then roared after handling a high ball that was kicked up in defense with an amazing cross-course angle shot. It was a scene that clearly showed why she is called the ‘volleyball queen.’

In the end, IBK Industrial Bank lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance with a set score of 2-3 (18-25 25-12 22-25 25-20 15-17), widening its record against Heungkuk Life Insurance to 4 losses out of 4. IBK Industrial Bank, which only added 1 point, was unable to close the gap with GS Caltex in 3rd place (37 points, 13 wins, 7 losses) with 32 points (11 wins, 10 losses), and Cheong Kwan Jang in 5th place (27 points, 8 wins, 12 losses). We are now in a position where we have to worry about losing.

For IBK Industrial Bank, the defeat on this day was even more disappointing because the ‘triangular formation’ was evenly distributed, including Abercrombie (35 points), Seung-ju Pyo (21 points), and Min-kyung Hwang (15 points). The team attack success rate was 41.88%, which was higher than Heungkuk Life Insurance (39.02%), and the number of mistakes was also lower at 19-21.

After the game, coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “Is this our fourth loss to Heungkuk Life Insurance? I think this is our skill. Our players did well. However, when the opportunity to win comes, missing it every time is not luck, but lack of strength,” he said. “It is unfortunate from the perspective of watching this from outside the court.” “I think it will give us greater strength in the future if we catch a game like this,” he said regretfully.

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