Its Heungkuk Life Insurance wins 3-2 against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea

Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance recorded a set score of 3-2 (25-13 12-25 25-22 20-25 17) in the away game against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the 4th round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League held at Hwaseong General Indoor Stadium on the 4th. -15), a bitter victory.

They maintained second place with 44 points (16 wins, 5 losses). They are 3 points behind the women’s division leader Hyundai Engineering & Construction (47 points, 15 wins, 5 losses), which has played one less game.

On this day, he was ahead 6-1 on serve. Jelena Mrazenovic (registered name Jelena) led the way with 29 points (41.94% attack success rate) with 2 servings and 1 blocking. Kim Yeon-kyung scored 18 points (attack success rate 38.64%) with one serve, and Kim Su-ji added 4 blocks to support 10 points (attack success rate 54.55%). 지울프-토토

Industrial Bank of Korea was disappointed by the defeat. They are still in 4th place with 32 points (11 wins, 10 losses). Brittany Abercrombie (registered name Abercrombie) scored 35 points including 2 blocks (45.21% attack success rate), Seung-ju Pyo scored 21 points with 2 blocks (47.5% attack success rate), and Min-kyung Hwang scored 15 points with 2 blocks and 1 serve. Scored a score (52.17% attack success rate).

In terms of attack success rate, Heungkuk Life had a complete advantage with 41.67%-18.75%. We won the game by scoring consecutive goals.

From the beginning, there was a difference between victory and defeat. Heungkuk Life Insurance made a scary comeback at 8-7 with Jelena’s three open shots, Kim Su-ji’s blocking and fast attack, Kim Yeon-kyung’s serve ace, and Raina’s blocking. The opponent’s mistakes also overlapped. With 9 consecutive points, the score now reached 17-7.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which brought the trend, achieved a 20-10 double score with Raina’s open. Kim Yeon-kyung’s time difference and Kim Da-sol’s serve ace made it 24-13. Kim Yeon-kyung finished the first set with an open.

IBK selected Lim Hye-rim as the starter instead of Kim Hyun-jung. The atmosphere of the second set changed. Seungju Pyo scored 8 points (58.33% attack success rate) and Abercrombie scored 7 points (66.67% attack success rate).

At 7-6, Industrial Bank of Korea ran away with 10-6 thanks to Abercrombie’s two rearguard attacks and the opponent’s mistakes. Afterwards, Abercrombie’s rearguard attack and blocking occurred one after another, making it 12-7. Due to Pyo Seung-joo’s blocking due to opponent Raina’s consecutive attacks, the team advanced to 16-9.

Seungju Pyo poured in two quick opens to make it 20-10. I took revenge for being dragged by a double score in the first set. Min-kyung Hwang finished the second set with an open.

Abercrombie scored 14 points alone (70% attack success rate). However, Industrial Bank of Korea was caught with a total of 6 errors, including 4 errors by Lim Hye-rim in the 3rd set. Heungkuk Life Insurance recorded 3.

At 7-7, Industrial Bank of Korea had a 9-7 advantage thanks to Abercrombie’s quick open and opponent Raina’s blocking net touch. Choi Jeong-min’s blocking made it 11-8. Heungkuk Life Insurance came back from 11-14 down to 16-14 thanks to Kim Su-ji’s fast attack, Jelena’s opening and blocking, opponent Lim Hye-rim’s attack mistake, and Kim Mi-yeon’s opening.

Afterwards, the scores became tight again. Heungkuk Life Insurance won the third set at 23-22 with the quick opening of Yelena and Kim Mi-yeon.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which did not back down, removed Raina and added Kim Mi-yeon to the starting lineup. At Industrial Bank of Korea, Abercrombie scored 8 points (41.18% attack success rate), while Seung-Joo Pyo scored 6 points (75% attack success rate).

The score was 8-6 thanks to Abercrombie’s rearguard attack in the beginning. Seung-Joo Pyo’s time difference and Min-Kyung Hwang’s quick open made it 16-12. Although the opponent was allowed to chase for a while, Abercrombie led 20-16.

In the 21-18 game, Seungju Pyo drove in a wedge with consecutive quick opens. Opponent Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack was out, ending the 4th set at 25-20.

replaced Kim Mi-yeon with Raina returning to the starting list. Kim Yeon-kyung led the victory with 5 points (71.43% attack success rate).

Heungkuk Life Insurance took a 4-2 lead thanks to Seung-joo Pyo’s offensive mistake and Yelena’s rearguard attack. Afterwards, Kim Yeon-kyung’s opening and Kim Su-ji’s blocking took the score one step further to 7-4.

At 6-9, Industrial Bank of Korea scored four consecutive points with Abercrombie’s rear attack and quick open, and Hwang Min-kyung’s two quick opens. The score turned over to 10-9. Heungkuk Life also took the lead 13-12, led by Yelena’s quick open and Raina’s open. At 13-13, both teams exchanged serving errors.

When it became deuce, Kim Yeon-kyung came forward again. The score was tied at 14-15 with time difference, and the team showed a comeback by opening. At 16-15, he opened again and scored the final score.

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