Women’s handball ‘Japanese leaguer’ Jeong Ji-in

Women’s handball ‘Japanese leaguer’ Jeong Ji-in “I’ll show you ‘Kang'”

National team, 2 consecutive victories in Olympic qualifiers…

Challenge to advance to the finals 11 times in a row

Korean National Team

Joint coverage group = There are three ‘born in the 2000s’ in the Korean national team participating in the 2024 Paris Olympic Women’s Handball Asian Preliminary,

which is being held in Hiroshima, Japan on the 21st.

Centerback Kim Min-seo (Samcheok City Hall), born in 2004, Woo Bit-na (Seoul City Hall), center back, born in 2001, and Jeong Ji-in Jeong (Omron, Japan), right-back born in 2000.

Among them, Jung Ji-in, who is the only one who plays in a different position, is 180 cm tall and has a quick shot that is excellent. 바카라사이트

There are many times when the rightback has to shoot directly while exchanging passes.

That’s why the so-called ‘outer gun’ ability to shoot from a long distance is important.

Jeong Ji-in

Jeong Ji-in, whose main weapon is a surprise mid-range shot using her long arm, is considered to be the next player in the lineage of left-handed strikers in the national team.

Its Jeong Ji-in, whom I met after training on the 20th, said, “I haven’t shown many cool mid-range shots yet.”

An unusable shot,” he defined.

Was Jeong Ji-in, who is from Busan and started playing handball in the 4th grade of Jaesong Elementary School,

has been attracting attention since her days at Baekyang High School in Busan.

Having already reached her current height in her third year of middle school,

she took the lead in Korea’s 7th consecutive victory at the Asian Women’s Youth (U-17) Championships held in August 2017.

Afterwards, she was selected for the senior national team led by coach Kang Jae-won, she also participated in the World Championships.

Korea Physical Education University

Jeong Ji-in, who went to Korea Physical Education University, was consistently called up to the national team.

Last year, when she was in her senior year, she contributed to her sixth straight victory

at the Asian Women’s Handball Championship held in her hometown.

By the time she graduated from college,

she had chosen the ‘challenge’ that was still there.

She entered the Japanese league, not the domestic unemployment stage.

In January,

she joined Omron, a Japanese club based in Kumamoto Prefecture,

along with her college classmate Minkyung Son.

Omron is a prestigious team that placed second out of 11 teams in the 2022-2023 season.

Jeong Ji-in, the only ‘Japanese leaguer’ in the national team, said,

“Japan has a different handball style even though it is an Asian region (like Korea).

So I wanted to learn and experience this style.” same,” he explained.

Jung Ji-in’s role model is Ryu Eun-hee (33, Hungarian Gyechol),

who is her national team’s signboard and a senior in the same position.

She said that she wanted to emulate everything of Ryu Eun-hee,

such as the power to not be pushed even against foreign players

the explosive power that comes from instantaneous speed.

Jung Ji-in, who has a slimmer physique than Ryu Eun-hee, said,

“I am weak compared to her height,” and she “does weight training hard and eats a lot.”

A total of five countries (Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, and India)

competed in this Asian qualifier to determine the rankings in a full league,

and Korea won two wins against India and China.

Jeong Ji-in scored the second most goals in her team after Shin Eun-joo

(Incheon Metropolitan City Office, 9 goals) with 7 goals against India.

Now we have matches against Kazakhstan (21st) and Japan (23rd).

If you place first in the preliminary round,

you will secure the right to advance to the Paris Olympics.

For the first time in the history of handball, both men and women,

it achieves the feat of advancing to the Olympic finals 11 times in a row.

Jeong Ji-in said, “I want to show a strong and ‘gang’ in the remaining games,” and said,

“I will definitely show you such a ceremony full of confidence after scoring.”

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