Johnson-Thompson Shrugs Off Injury and Returns to the Top of the Heptathlon

Johnson-Thompson shrugs off injury and returns to the top of the heptathlon… “Best Moment”

Cheftegay wins third straight men’s 10,000m… Buleta’s first win in the women’s long jump

Caterina Johnson-Thompson

Caterina Johnson-Thompson (30, England) said, “I don’t want to be comforted in Budapest.”

At the National Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the 21st (Korean time)

after the women’s heptathlon at the Budapest 2023 World Championships in Athletics,

Johnson-Thompson wore the ‘crown’ and received congratulations 안전놀이터

from the athletes and spectators who competed with her.


Johnson-Thompson scored a total of 6,740 points in the heptathlon, which took place over two days, overtaking Anna Hall (22, USA) with 6,720 points to win the championship.

In this event, Thompson competed in 100m hurdles 13.50 seconds (1,050 points),

high jump 1m86 (1,054 points), shot put 13m64 (770 points), 200m 23.48 seconds (1,031 points),

long jump 6m54 (1,000 points). 20 points), javelin throw 46m14 (785 points), and 800m 2:05:63 (1,030 points).

Johnson-Thompson, who won Doha by 6,981 points in 2019,

has since struggled with an Achilles tendon injury and after-effects.

Tokyo Olympics

At the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, he suffered severe pain in his calf during the 200m race and collapsed.

At that time, Johnson-Thompson got back up and walked slowly toward the finish line, finishing in 93 seconds.

Athletes who competed in the heptathlon waited for Johnson-Thompson at the finish line and supported him as soon as the race was over.

Johnson-Thompson was disqualified for stepping out of his lane.

Due to his injury, he was unable to play the rest of the game.

His fighting spirit moved the world, but Johnson-Thompson suffered,

“I was very grateful for the consolation, but not being able to finish the game was a huge wound to the players.”

Johnson-Thompson finished eighth at the 2022 Eugene World Championships.

“Ironman” Johnson-Thompson, who returned to the top of the world championship in four years,

said in an interview with the BBC, “I feel greater joy than in Doha in 2019.

It is the best moment of my life.

” Afterwards, I promised ‘don’t hurt my heart’, but I couldn’t completely escape from the pain.

I finally won the gold medal.

Today I’m very happy.”

BBC Interview

The BBC said, “In 2021 and 2022, no one criticized Johnson-Thompson.

However, no one expected him to return as a champion,” and “Johnson-Thompson’s ‘Olympic gold medal dream’ remains.

By winning this competition, 2024 “We can expect a gold medal from Johnson-Thompson at the 2018 Paris Olympics.”

Joshua Cheftegay (26, Uganda) won the men’s 10,000m final in a time of 27 minutes 51 seconds 42,

beating Daniel Ebeño (28 years old, Kenya) in 27 minutes 52 seconds 60 and achieved his third consecutive victory.


Cheftegei is the fourth person to win three world championships in this event,

following Haile Gebrselassie, Kenenisa Bekele (four consecutive wins, Ethiopia),

Mo Para (three consecutive wins, England).

Cheftegei, who is preparing for the marathon, said, “It is the last competition to participate in the world championship track event, and that is why this victory is more valuable.”

Ivana Buleta (33, Serbia) took first place in the women’s long jump by jumping 7m14.

She kept the world championships, such as 3rd place at the 2013 Moscow and 2015 Beijing World Championships,

3rd place at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but Buleta, who did not win,

solved the ‘no major competition’ in Budapest.

Tara Davis-Hall (24, USA) came second with 6m91, and Alina Rotaru-Cotman (30, Romania) came third with 6m88.

In the men’s hammer throw, Ethan Cattsburg (21, Canada) won by throwing 81m25.

It was the first time a Canadian athlete had won a medal in the men’s hammer throw at the World Championships.

Tokyo Olympic champion Wojciech Nowitzki (34, Poland) won the silver medal with 81m02, and Wenze Halas (26, Hungary) won the bronze medal with 80m82.

Pawel Paidek (34, Poland), who won the world championships in this event five times in a row, finished fourth with 80m00.

Pydeck challenged to tie the record (six consecutive victories) of consecutive individual championships at the World Championships in the men’s pole vault by Sergey Bubka (Ukraine),

the ‘human bird’, but was unable to stand on the podium in Budapest.

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