Will it Work in Go Woo-seok’s ML

Ko Woo-seok (26), the representative closing pitcher of the KBO League, became a major leaguer.

San Diego officially announced the contract with Go Woo-seok on the 4th. His guaranteed contract is for two years and $4.5 million.  카지노사이트 백링크

Here, a mutual option for one year is added. If the option based on performance for two years is fulfilled, a contract worth $3 million will come into effect in 2026, and a bonus of $2.4 million over three years will be added depending on the detailed option. It is considered not a bad condition for a bullpen pitcher in the major leagues. 토토사이트 백링크

Just a few days ago, will Major League pitcher Go Woo-seok, who most people could not have imagined, succeed? Major league seniors were hopeful that there was a lot of potential.

Former KIA pitching coach Seo Jae-eung, a first-generation Korean major leaguer, said, “Didn’t they say that it wasn’t easy for Oh Seung-hwan to only bring fastballs when he went to the United States? At that time, Oh Seung-hwan’s fastball was incredible, but he went ahead and threw a sweeper-style breaking ball and was successful. 

Now, Go Woo-seok also believes that the overall pitch value has risen to the level of A level. “He has a very good fastball and a very good slider angle,” he predicted positively.

Oh Seung-hwan, who succeeded as a finisher in the United States before Go Woo-seok, also said, “I think the chances of success are very high. He thinks it’s an unscratched lottery ticket. 

This is because Go Woo-seok now believes that his prime has not yet arrived. He said, “If I go to the United States, there may be more arrests.” 메이저사이트 백링크

Oh Seung-hwan said that Go Woo-seok needs to be confident in breaking balls as well. Oh Seung-hwan said, “People don’t know, but Go Woo-seok’s breaking ball is really good. “

He focuses only on fast fastballs, but especially curveballs, which I think are in the top few percent in the major leagues,” he said. In addition, “Of course, fastball is Go Woo-seok’s pride. But he doesn’t think that’s necessary anymore once he gets to the major leagues. 

Rather than showing my pride, dealing with others comes first. “He has a good breaking ball, so I don’t think he needs to doubt himself,” he advised.

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