Tuchel, who shot down Kim Min-jae, denies infighting

Bayern Munich coach Tuchel refutes rumors of team discord.

Tuchel spoke to German media outlet T Online on Thursday (June 4) about the rumors of discord within the team. “Bayern Munich has seen the first rift between manager and players since the DFB-Pokal loss to Saarbrücken,” the German outlet reported, “Tuchel talks a lot with Kane and you in team meetings, but rarely communicates with players outside the best 11.” In response, Tuchel said, “I’m not the only one.

In response, Tuchel said, “I don’t read any reports about me. Why should I when I’m in the team,” he said, adding, “Everything is good inside the team. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to continue the season the way we are.”

Bayern Munich suffered a 1-2 upset in the second round of the 2023-24 DFB-Pokal against Saarbrücken on Sunday. After going unbeaten in the Bundesliga and unbeaten in the UEFA Champions League this season, Bayern Munich suffered a shock defeat against a third-division club in the second round of the DFB-Pokal.

The Bavarians have been short of center backs this season, and Kim Min-jae played the full game against Saarbrücken. The overworked Kim has played 11 consecutive full games for the Bavarians and has been on a roll since last month, playing seven games every three to four days.

His pass to fellow midfielder Gretzig in the buildup to second-half stoppage time in Saarbrücken was intercepted by an opponent and led to the equalizer. “It’s not a good decision to make under pressure,” Tuchel said after the game. It was a 50-50 ball competition. This still happens too often for us. We take risks when we don’t need to. We make straight passes when we should be developing the ball diagonally.”

Amidst the criticism of Tuchel following Bayern Munich’s early exit from the DFB-Pokal, commentator Matthäus, a Ballon d’Or-winning Bayern Munich legend, said: “Tuchel took a 바카라사이트 gamble in Saarbrücken. If I were the manager, I would have rotated between 50 and 60 minutes after bringing on my best players. It is unfortunate that we are out of the DFB-Pokal without Kane at all. I would have played with my best team for the first 45 minutes of the game and then rotated players.”

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