The Hanwha Eagles finalization camp has ended

The Hanwha Eagles finalization camp has ended.

Hanwha announced on the 26th, “The Eagles will return home through Incheon International Airport after finishing the final camp in Miyazaki, Japan.”

Hanwha’s wrap-up camp, which began on the 1st of this month, focused on improving team tactics, adapting to multi-position play, and improving defense.

In this camp, intense training was conducted to improve the team’s tactical ability to compensate for the misfires that were revealed this season, diversify scoring routes through various offensive tactics, and improve the skills of promising young players and multi-position defense adaptability to increase their utilization next season.

Offense/base coach Kim Jae-gul and outfield/1st base coach Park Jae-sang, who joined the team from the final camp, focused on improving their operational skills, while defense coach Kim Woo-seok worked with the young players on extra drills to solidify their fundamentals once again.

Next year’s rookies Hwang Jun-seo, Cho Dong-wook, Chung Ahn-seok, and Hwang Young-mook also participated in the camp, which was an opportunity to check their skills and plan for their future utilization.

Hanwha Eagles head coach Choi Won-ho was also pleased with the camp.

“As a result of training with the newly hired coaches to improve defense, establish multi-position adaptation, and improve team tactics, which were the themes of the final training, I think we achieved our goals,” said Choi. “I expect that the themes will settle down during the season and help us improve our defense, 먹튀검증토토사이트 diversify our attack routes, and increase our scoring power.”

“Our players will have to carry the results of this final training session into spring camp in order to be better than this year’s team next season,” Choi emphasized.

The Hanwha Eagles will enter a period of inactivity from December 1 and will continue to train individually until spring camp, which begins on February 1.

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