Hanwha doesn’t offer any preferential treatment

The fact that he’s lost his job means it’s a shocker. A shock transfer of a ‘one-club man’ who played for 23 years. What the heck is going on. There is something that is not easily understood.

SSG Landers announced the dismissal of Kim Sung-yong from his position as head coach on the 25th. SSG fired Ryu Sun-kyu, who led the team to the 2022 season’s integrated championship, and put Kim in his place as an ambitious coach. Kim made a name for himself in the amateur baseball world as a longtime manager of Yatapgo. However, his first year as a professional manager had its ups and downs.

After the firing of Kim Won-hyung, the process of hiring a new manager began with problems. The LG Twins were rumored to be looking for a new manager ahead of the Korean Series. In the rumor-ridden world of baseball, it’s understandable for stories to emerge, but the fact is that the hiring process should have been more thorough, and the follow-up was not smooth. It led to a war of words between SSG and Coach Lee.

The issue seemed to go under the radar when SSG hired a new coach, Lee Sung-yong.

However, the “shock” transfer of Kim Kang-min, a 23-year veteran of the team, shook the baseball world. Ahead of the second round of the draft, SSG failed to place Kim on the protected list as he was considering retirement, and the Hanwha Eagles snatched him up. Instead of an honorable retirement from SSG, Kim chose Hanwha to extend his career. There was a lot of noise in the process, and eventually SSG took responsibility and demoted Kim.

A lot of criticism has been directed at SSG for wasting a franchise star. SSG acknowledges that it made a mistake. However, there is also an unfair aspect.

Let’s look back in time. Kim Kang-min will be 42 years old in a year. He could have retired at any age. In fact, he announced his intention to retire during the season. So, after the season, Kim met with him to discuss it.

They talked about retirement, playing coaches, and more. The SSG organization began to organize a retirement ceremony, a retirement game, and a permanent absence.

However, there is one thing to point out here. The question is, to what extent did Kim reveal his intention to extend his career? If Kim strongly wanted to extend his career, 카지노사이트가이드 and Kim’s former manager didn’t realize it or pushed him to retire, it could be the club’s fault. However, if he had taken the stance that he wanted to stay in the organization to some extent, it would have been confusing for the organization.

The variable was the secondary draft.

There was already some talk in baseball circles that Kim Kang-min was preparing to retire, and it’s “good business” not to take a player like that.

However, Hanwha did not violate the rules by taking him. This is where SSG gets criticized. Even if it’s a veteran player with low utility value, if there’s any chance of him leaving, he should have been tied up as a protective player or asked to go to each club.

But what I’m curious about is Kim Kang-min’s choice. Every player wants to play for at least one more year. It’s a natural desire.

But Kim Kang-min is a different case. If he ended his playing career with SSG, he had several options: a spectacular retirement ceremony, coaching training, or a coaching position. Depending on the criteria, there was also the possibility of a permanent ban.

Add to that a good coaching career, and the head coaching job seemed like a good bet. The fact that he was talking to the club about retirement meant that he had a post-playing career in mind. It’s hard for baseball people to understand why a player who was preparing to retire would give up everything to go to Hanwha. It’s a professional world where you might not get a chance to play for Hanwha, play for a year, and then pack up.

It’s possible that Hanwha made a “tempting” offer to Kim, such as a guaranteed contract for two or three years, or a promise to pave the way for him to work as a coach after retirement.

It is said that Son Hyuk has always considered Kim Kang-min to be a good leader.

It is a tactic to change Kim’s mind after being selected in the second round. However, a Hanwha official said, “There is no such thing. We just picked the player we needed from the protected list,” said a Hanwha official.

It all boils down to the fact that Kim Kang-min’s will to stay active was much stronger than the SSG realized.

Some argue that Kim Kang-min wanted to continue playing, but with SSG’s organization leaning toward retirement, the older player had no choice. Kim Kang-min himself could not have predicted that another team would select him in the second round of the draft. He may have been shaken by the sudden offer from Hanwha while he was trying to organize his thoughts.

Alternatively, it’s possible that he was disappointed that SSG didn’t pay much attention to him due to more pressing issues, such as the appointment of a head coach. For him, Hanwha’s “warm” touch may have been a temptation that was hard to resist. However, SSG insists that while he was focused on dealing with urgent matters such as the appointment of a director, he had no intention of neglecting Kim Kang-min.

To summarize, SSG’s mistake was labeling Kim as a “retired player” prematurely.

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