Singer Zico Named MC of The Seasons

MC Zico to create trendy ‘Zico’s Artists’

Singer Zico has been selected as the MC of ‘The Seasons’ and will color ‘The Seasons – Zico’s Artist’ with trendy colors. 
On the morning of the 23rd, a production announcement for KBS 2TV’s late-night music talk show ‘The Seasons – Zico’s Artist’ was held at the KBS New Building Public Hall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

Zico, Melomance’s Jung Dong Hwan, PD Choi Seung Hee, and PD Kim Tae Joon attended the event.
‘The Seasons’ is a late-night music talk show with music and stories that will take away all your worries and concerns.

“Zico’s Artist” is the fifth season of “The Seasons” hosted by Zico, following “Park Jae Beom’s Drive,” “Choi Jung Hoon’s Night in the Park,” “Akmu’s Onal O’Bam,” and “Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet.

“Zico’s Artist” is named after the title track “Artist” from Zico’s second mini-album, which was released in 2017, and as the lyrics say, “We are Artist,” Zico wants the musicians, audience, and viewers to be artists and enjoy the music party.

On the day, Zico said, “We may not be good at the beginning, but we will continue to grow, so please watch us closely.”
He continued, “KBS Music Talk Show has been my dream stage since I debuted.

I wanted to show my appearance and music first, but now I wanted to act as a messenger to introduce not only me but also musicians in various fields.” “There are so many people I want to invite.
There are so many people I want to invite, and many of them will appear in the first installment.”

Jung Dong-hwan, who is in charge of the band master, said, “I hope that we can take care of Mr. Zico and promote good music in Korea.”
Jung Dong-hwan also said, “There were many fun moments.

Why did The Seasons choose Zico’s Artist?

The reason why the program was named ‘Zico’s Artist’ was revealed.
“When we announced that Mr. Zico would be the MC, many people expected it to be ‘Zico’s Any Song,'” said PD Choi Seung Hee.

“I was very worried because Any Song is also a famous song, but when I was trying to make a decision, I thought it would be better to introduce myself to my seniors as ‘Zico’s artist’ instead of introducing myself as Choi Seung-hee PD of ‘Zico’s Any Song.

Zico continued, “The song ‘Artist’ was written with bandmaster Donghwan.
We worked on that song for a long time. It’s a song that I really put a lot of effort into,” he said, adding, “It’s as much about the people behind the show and my aspirations as a creative director as it is about the care I put into writing the song.”

Speaking about ‘The Seasons,’ which concluded last year and opens its second season this year, PD Choi said, “It continues the tradition of live music programs with a long history.
After a year of one 토토사이트 season, many music programs with audiences have disappeared, so ‘The Seasons’ is the only one that interacts with the audience.” “So the competition for viewing is fierce.

Mr. Zico’s determination as an MC is also aimed at interacting with the audience, so the first episode will be held on a standing stage.”

The Seasons – Zico’s Artist “I Want to Reinterpret Trot-Hip-Hop with Lim Youngwoong”

PD Kim Tae Joon talks about Zico’s appeal, which is different from the MCs of previous seasons, saying, “When I had a pre-recording meeting with Mr. Zico, I felt that it was the end of trendiness.
I felt that he had the sense to see through the current trend of this era.

But behind the sense, there’s a side of him that’s really trying.
If you ask for a different color from other MCs, I think the synergy of the MC who knows the most trendy will come out,” he said.

Does Jiko feel any pressure as Lee Hyo Ri’s successor as MC?
“I’ve always thought that I can’t help but look up to Lee Hyo Ri just because she exists.

I naturally felt pressure to take over as the next MC at this time, but it gave me a goal to grow.
I’m going to work hard and find the color of ‘Zico’s Artist’.”

He also said, “I feel like I’ve been waiting for my turn.
I think it’s a solid position to showcase my career and what I can do in the future.

I decided to participate because I thought I would be able to show the viewers what I have learned so far while communicating with other artists.” “I hope I can point out what I usually feel and what I think would be good for this artist to be highlighted.

I hope that I can point out the elements that I usually feel and that would be good for this artist to be highlighted.” He also expressed his ambition to become a host who keeps researching to see if he can express what he couldn’t express on stage.
Finally, he mentioned an artist he would like to collaborate with as a guest.

“I’d like to invite Lim Youngwoong,” he said, “I think it would open a new way for the chemistry between trot, dance, and hip-hop to be reinterpreted.
“There is a group called Boy Next Door at KOZ Entertainment, and it would be fun to do a stage together,” said Zico, who is also the head of KOZ Entertainment.

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