Shin Jin-seo’s Miraculous 6th Consecutive Win

Shin Jin-seo’s Miraculous 6th Consecutive Win… The Battle of Shanghai Re-Written

Korean Baduk achieves 4th consecutive Nongshim Cup victory,

defeating No. 1 in China’s ranking in the final match “I am proud and honored to win a big game”

Korea remains alone China and Japan’s ‘all-kill’ surpasses Lee Chang-ho’s record of 2005

Shin Jin-seo (24), the pride of Korean Baduk, created the ‘Shanghai Legend’ with a thrilling comeback victory. 파워볼사이트

Shin Jin-seo lost the match after 249 black moves against China’s No. 1 baduk player Gu Zihao, 9-dan,

in the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup World Championship finals held at the Grand Hotel in Shanghai, China on the 23rd.

As a result, Shin Jin-seo ran an unprecedented ‘6-game winning streak’ in the history of the Nongshim Cup,

leading Korea to victory for the fourth year in a row.

It is a legend achieved 19 years after the ‘Shanghai Battle’ completed by 9th Dan Lee Chang-ho in 2005 with 5 consecutive wins.

The Nongshim Cup is a national competition in which five players each from three countries,

Korea, China, and Japan, compete in a winning streak until there is a final winner.

Before the final round opened in Shanghai on the 19th, Korea was in a corner.

Only one person from Korea, Shin Jin-seo, survived,

one person from Japan, and four people from China remained.

In order for Korea to win, Shin Jin-seo had to defeat all five strong players from China and Japan.

But the miracle actually happened. From the 19th to this day,

Shin Jin-seo won 5 consecutive wins in the final match,

giving Korea the championship trophy.

Shin Jin-seo also set a record in the history of Baduk.

In this tournament, he recorded a total of 16 consecutive wins (22-25) in the Nongshim Cup,

including a total of 6 wins in a row,

surpassing the record of 14 consecutive wins in the Nongshim Cup held by 9th dan Lee Chang-ho.

Lee Chang-ho achieved a comeback victory by defeating all four Chinese and Japanese players in the final round of the 6th Nongshim Cup held in Shanghai in February 2005.

It is the ‘Shanghai Battle’, a monumental match in Korean baduk history.

Shin Jin-seo completed the ‘Shanghai Legend’ by defeating all five strong players from China and Japan in Shanghai again after 19 years and giving Korea the championship trophy.

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