Elementary Student Lee Ji-min Won Four Alpine Skiing Medals

Elementary Student Lee Ji-min Won Four Alpine Skiing Medals Alongside Kim So-hee, The Leading Skier at the Winter Sports Games

At the National Winter Sports Festival, which ended on the 25th,

an elementary school athlete is becoming a hot topic by winning four gold medals alongside national skier Kim So-hee, a leading figure in Korean skiing.

Lee Ji-min (12), an elementary school athlete in the alpine skiing category,

won gold medals in all alpine skiing events, including slalom, combined, giant slalom, and super-G.

Alpine skiing is a sport that competes to see who can pass a designated gate the fastest and cross the finish line. 바카라사이트

It is considered one of the most competitive skiing sports.

Lee Ji-min, who began skiing at the age of five following her father,

began alpine skiing in earnest at the recommendation of Kang Min-hyuk,

coach of Kang Min-hyuk Racing School, when she was in the first grade of elementary school.

Although he is a primary player, he has been training by keeping a national team training log.

Ji-min Lee said, “I have been working hard with the goal of winning four gold medals at the Winter Sports Games,

the most important competition of the year, and I am grateful and fortunate that I was able to achieve my dream.”

He added, “I will go to the World Cup in the future and show my good skills as a Korean athlete and become an advanced skiing athlete.

“I want to surprise people,” he said. Ji-min Lee, who graduated from Seoul Wonchon Elementary School,

is scheduled to enter Whimoon Middle School in Seoul in March.

A total of 4,278 athletes (2,740 athletes and 1,538 executives)

from 17 provinces and provinces participated in the National Winter Games held in Gangwon-do for four days starting on the 22nd.

Gyeonggi Province won the overall championship with a total of 287 medals and a total of 1,461 points.

Seoul ranked second with 1,074 points, and Gangwon ranked third with 841 points.

Kim So-hee (High1), who won four alpine skiing titles in the women’s general division,

was selected as the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

It recorded a vote rate (based on valid votes) of 61% in a vote by reporters from the Korea Sports Journalists Association.

Kim So-hee said, “I am very honored to have been selected as MVP at this Winter Sports Festival,”

and she said, “With her award as an opportunity,

she will become a player who does her best to take on greater challenges.”

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