“Saudi is better than MLS” Ronaldo takes subtle Messi jab…”European leagues have gone downhill”

“The Saudi Arabian League is better than the American Major League Soccer (MLS)!”

Cristiano Ronaldo has subtly captured the choice of Lionel Messi, the rival of a lifetime, who had a big entrance ceremony at MLS Inter Miami.

Ronaldo was at the heart of the problem with his surprising decision to terminate his contract with Manchester United in December last year and move to Al Nasr. This summer, before the new season after Ronaldo’s transfer, the trip to Saudi Arabia is a trend for veteran ace in every European league. Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante and Roberto Firmino have chosen Saudi oil money one after another.

Messi also received a call from the Saudi League, but made a different choice than her. After leaving Paris Saint-Germain last summer as a free agent, he made his way to David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

In an interview right after Al Nasr lost 0-5 to Celta Vigo in a friendly match on the 18th (Korean time), Ronaldo ruled out the possibility of returning to the European leagues, criticizing the level of some European leagues has fallen. In an interview with Portuguese media, Ronaldo said “no” when asked about the possibility of returning to a European club. He added, “That door is completely closed.”

“I’m already 68, and it’s not worth it,” he said. ” In my opinion, the quality of football in Europe has fallen sharply. The only high-quality league is the English Premier League, and it’s higher than any other league.” “The Spanish league is not so high-quality. The Portuguese league is good, but not the best. The German league has lost a lot of quality, too. I’m sure I’ll never play again in Europe,” he said. “I want to continue playing in Saudi Arabia,” it made it clear.

Ronaldo immediately replied, “I think the Saudi league is much better than the United States. My team is Al Nass.”

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