2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Group Stage Tickets are now on sale for the 40th edition of Soccer Betting Predictions.

The soccer Toto team that won and lost the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA) Australia New Zealand Women’s World Cup is visiting football fans this week.

Sports Toto Korea, the broadcaster of Sports Toto, has the 40th National Sports Promotion Agency. Football Toto game of the 19th. to 25. Published and played 14 FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the results of 39. Soccer Toto meeting, known on the 16th., There were 1871 hits in total, but there wasn’t a single hit that had to guess all 14 players’ scores. That’s why the first deposit was made by one.353.285.500 won, the one from 38. Round’s been collected, back to 40. Transmit round.

The 40. Football Toto Victory Match, the 19th. It will be released tomorrow at 8:00… …at Sports Toto stores across the country… …and sportstotozone, the official online release site… …until 1:50 p.m. on the 21st. be acquired.

The 9th. Women’s World Cup will be held for the first time in two countries (Australia and New Zealand. The opening’s on the 20th. Instead, 32 countries will be divided into 8 groups, and after the group stage, the final winner will be 20. Next month, I’must be next month.

The most anticipated team in this game is the United States of Group E. The United States, ranked first in the FIFA rankings, has won the 2015 World Cup (Canada) and 2019 (France) in a row, and if they win this tournament, they will win 5 times in total and Vietnam on the 22nd.Meet at 00 o’clock (Korean time).

On the other hand, Germany in Group H, which Korea belongs to, is also a strong team ranked second in the FIFA rankings. Germany will play its first game of the tournament against Morocco. Korea will be on the 25th. May is the first match of the group stage against Colombia, but as they are teams that meet in a row, it is expected that many national sports fans will focus on the confrontation between the two teams.

Group C Spain-Costa Rica (1 match), Group D England-Haiti (5 matches), Group G Sweden-South Africa (7 matches), Group E Netherlands-Portugal (8 matches), Group F France-Jamaica (9 matches) and Brazil-Panama (12 matches) were included as goals for these matches.

In this regard, an official from Sports Toto Korea said, “This round was selected as the goal for the Women’s World Cup group match, which raises expectations of soccer fans.” We ask for your interest and participation.”

On the sportstozone website.Com and the official online release site Sportstozone will find detailed analysis of the game. You can check it on the Toto Guide page.

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