Report: Memphis police allegedly mishandled multiple Ja Morant allegations throughout 2022

New details have appeared about allegations against Ja Morant… …which depict an unpleasant image of the Memphis Grizzlies Star Guard.

A Washington Post article on Thursday documented a timeline of alleged events from the summer of 2022 including interviews with two people affected by Morant’s alleged actions. The article also describes how Memphis police mistreated three reports by misrepresenting suspected suspects and witnesses on the scene of various alleged incidents involving either Morant, his family or his employees.

This year reports of Morant’s out-of-court activities have already been published: there has been an alleged attack on a teenager during a pickup basketball, an alleged verbal altercation at a shoe store, and… After the game, a confrontation between Morant’s friends and Indiana Pacer’s employees was reported, and then the incident at a Denver strip club, where Morant had a gun on Instagram Live that turned into an eight-game watch. Morant entered the consultation during his suspension and has since returned to the grizzlies and admitted that he has to move “responsible” forward.

Morant’s alleged pickup basketball battle

When the police spoke to Joshua Holloway, the teenager Morant and a friend allegedly put in a basketball game last summer, they told Holloway, “In case it is, our detectives will probably stop sending him a sentence for assault.

But Morant’s family wasn’t released and claimed Holloway would “turn on the pad” and feared Holloway would “see and take them with a firearm.” Holloway denied this claim. Morant was not interviewed by the police until six weeks after the alleged alteration and said he felt in danger after claiming Holloway had “taken off his pants” according to the transcripts obtained by the Post.

The police seemed to give Morant the benefit of the doubt in this situation when an officer said, “I got you. Coming from where I come from, I know when you lift those pants — yes, you mean business.”

Morant’s lawyers provided the police with eight statements, six of which supported Morant’s story and none identified Morant’s friend, Davonte Pack, who was appointed in the initial Holloway trial. Police didn’t lend Morant an I.D. on Pack, who was banned from the Grizzlies’ home arena in February after a verbal alteration with the Pacers players.

Morant’s alleged shoe store accident

On July 22, 2022, Morant allegedly verbally threatened Givon Busby, a 22-year-old boy who worked at a shoe store in Memphis, after Busby reportedly did not have Morant’s mother wanted. Morant allegedly followed Busby to an area of the store where the customers were not authorized and told Busby that he would “wait until you were done with the job.”

After Busby filed a report, Memphis police did not identify Morant’s mother, classified her as “Suspect No. He didn’t list Morant in the accident. Busby told the police that the store had security footage of the alleged accident, but the police would never follow the case.

“I feel like they think he’s lying to me, basically,” Busby told the Post.

Morant’s family claimed to have altered her sister’s flight game.

Another incident involved Morant and his family, who verbally clashed with others during a volleyball game in Germantown, Tennessee, on 22 September 2022.

A police report described a scene where officers prevented Morant and those around him from reaching the students shouting at Morant’s sister. According to the report, a man with Morant pushed an official and “escaped” a cell phone from a student’s hand and said he would “wash” the students. Kevin Helms, an official of Grizzlies, also intervened in an attempt to help defuse the situation.

According to reports, the police have not pressured Morant or Helms to identify some members of the group and no charges have been filed.

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