7-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady announces he’s ‘retiring for good’

Tom Brady, who won a record seven Super Bowls for New England and Tampa, announced his retirement.

Brady – the most successful quarterback in NFL history and one of the greatest athletes in team sports – posted the announcement on social media Wednesday morning, a short video of just under a minute.

“Hello, guys. I’ll get right to the point,” Brady says as the message begins. “I’m retiring. For good.”

He retired briefly after the 2021 season but eventually returned for another year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He retired at the age of 45, owning many records of achievement in an unprecedented career of 23 years.

A year ago, when he retired, it was in the form of a long Instagram post. But about six weeks later, he decided to come back for another race. The Buccaneers – with whom he won a Super Bowl two seasons ago – made the playoffs again this season, losing in their playoff debut. And at the time, he was begging the question of whether Brady would play again.

A few weeks later, he gave the answer.

“I know the trial was pretty big last time, so when I woke up this morning, I’d just press the record and let you know,” says Brady on the video. “I won’t be long. You’re just getting a super emotional pension essay and I’m getting my senior year.

Brady informed the Buccaneers of his decision Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. ET, The buccaneers tweeted their appreciation to brady later Wednesday along with a #thank youTom title.

Brady, who won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and one with the Buccaneers, ended his career as an NFL leader in career transition (89,214) and touchdown pass (649). The league’s three-time MVP went for four.694 metres – third in the NFL – and 25 touchdowns last season, his third with Tampa Bay.

Brady’s the only player to win more than five Super Bowls and have been named Super Bowl MVP five times.

“My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors – I could go on forever, there’s too many,” Brady said on the video. “Thank you for allowing me to live my absolute dream. I wouldn’t change anything. I love you all.”

Brady can immediately work as an analyst for Fox Sports, who signed him to a 10-year, $375 million contract last summer. A year ago, he also launched a Brady clothing line, has a successful health and wellness brand called TB12 Sports and founded his own production company, 199 Productions.

Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen finished their divorce last fall during the Bucs season. It ended a 13-year marriage between two superstars, each reaching the top of football and fashion.

He was elected in 2000 by the Patriots, behind six other quarterbacks, three kicks and one punch, for the first time in the NFL. Brady played in a game as a rookie, graduating one out of three passes for six meters.

Next year, everything changed.

Brady took the starting position, the patriots defeated the Rams in the Super Bowl, which passed the 2001 season, and he and New England coach Bill Belichick were on their way to becoming the most successful quarterback coach in football history.

More Super Bowl wins came after the 2003 and 2004 seasons. The patriots returned a fourth time in Brady’s time to conquer the 2014 season, the beginning of three more titles in five years.

In 2020, he joined the Buccaneers and won his seventh Super Bowl.

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