Park Young-hyeon, Lim Ki-young, and Lee Tae-yang, The Treasure of the Mound

Park Young-hyeon, Lim Ki-young, and Lee Tae-yang,

the treasure of the mound who does all the dirty work

Core Pilseungjo, Game Changer, Guwonseo Selection Conversion…

Contribution is the best in the team

Right-handed pitcher Park Young-hyeon (19, kt wiz),

who is two years into his pro baseball debut this year,

earns an annual salary of 61 million won.

Although the regular season is not over yet,

Park Young-hyun has made more than 100% of his annual salary this year.

As of the 21st, he recorded 3 wins, 3 losses, 3 saves, and 25 holds,

taking a big step toward becoming the first hold king in his life.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol, who had to reorganize a new team for victory because Kim Min-soo and Ju-kwon,

who served as the two pillars of the bullpen, suffered from shoulder and elbow pain,

respectively, relieved his worries thanks to Park Young-hyun’s rapid growth.

How much trust Lee has is revealed in the number of appearances (55 games) of Park Young-hyun, the most in the team.

Coach Lee, who is good at counting, puts Park Young-hyeon in all weathers in a game that must be won. 카지노사이트위키

Park Young-hyun

Park Young-hyun also recorded 4 blown saves, but most of them lived up to Lee’s expectations and safely passed the baton to finisher Kim Jae-yoon.

In kt, which plays baseball with a mighty starting pitcher,

it is not uncommon for the starting pitcher to throw 7 innings,

followed by Park Young-hyun (8th inning) and Kim Jae-yoon (9th inning) to finish the game cleanly.

It is possible because Park Young-hyeon, the ‘Young Gun’, is always ready to sortie in advanced situations.

This is why the kt club official, who evaluates the annual salary after the season,

is already paying attention to how much gift Park Young-hyun will give.

The KIA Tigers and the Hanwha Eagles also have hardware that does not hesitate to do dirty work.

Lim Ki-young

Lim Ki-young (30), a right-handed side pitcher whom KIA coach Kim Jong-guk lavishly praises and encourages with a mixture of gratitude and regret, is also a pitcher who can expect a large salary increase.

As Lim Ki-young pitched in 44 games, the second most among KIA bullpen pitchers, and threw the most 64 innings.

He threw ⅓ innings as short as 4 innings as long as possible.

Lim Ki-young is not a pitcher who climbs the mound to build holds.

He is the most reliable and reliable joker that coach Kim Jong-guk pulls out depending on the game situation.

There is no KIA relief pitcher who can surpass Lim Ki-young in terms of his experience as a starter and his ability to deal with batters.

Game Changer

As a ‘game changer’ who changes the flow, Lim Ki-young has also done enough for the annual salary of 150 million won this year.

He’s 3 wins, 1 loss, 3 saves and 11 holds with a 2.39 earned run average, and his performance is also decent.

In the last 3 games, he collected two relief wins and saves,

serving as a great light and salt for the team that was in dire need of a win.

Lee Tae-yang

Right-handed veteran Lee Tae-yang (33), who wore the Hanwha uniform again after two and a half years on the condition

of receiving a contract period of 4 years and a total contract of 2.5 billion won (down payment of 800 million won, total annual salary of 1.7 billion won),

because of the already set salary, he did well this year, so next year he will raise it can’t expect

However, he can boost his self-esteem with the praise and honor of being a ‘free agent (FA) model student’.

Lee Tae-yang was also not in Pil Seung-jo, so he started whenever the team needed it from the beginning of the season.

He struggled in April, but suppressed runs afterward, dropping his earned run average to 2.37.

Lee Tae-yang appeared in 41 games, the second most among Hanwha relievers, and pitched 60⅔ innings.

As a versatile swingman, he also made three appearances as a starter.

If you started as a starter in April and May, once in a ‘taste’, on the 16th, against the NC Dinos,

you endured 5 innings and 1 run, won the victory, and will start the match against the Samsung Lions on the 22nd.

The record of 2 wins and 2 holds is not very impressive,

but as seen from the pitching innings and the number of games played,

the Hanwha bench has special expectations for the seasoned ‘Madangsoe’ Lee Tae-yang.

For the remainder of his season, Lee Taeyang is expected to finish the season by filling the two empty spots in the Hanwha starting lineup.

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