Ing Si-bae Final, Opening of the European-Style Old House

Ing Si-bae final, opening of the European-style old house where Sun Yat-sen’s son lived

In the review room, Chinese baduk giants such as Chang Hao and Nye Weiping were all dispatched

The Old House

Sun Ke Villa, Changning District, Shanghai, China,

where the 3rd final of the 9th Ing Cup World Baduk Championships was held, was built by Sun Ke, the son of Sun Yat-sen,

a leading figure in China’s modern history, who was active as a Taiwanese politician.

It is the house where I lived. 바카라사이트

Shin Jin-seo

Shin Jin-seo (23), 9th Dan, No. 1 in the Korean Baduk ranking, and Sheke (23, 9th Dan),

a strong player in China, started their first round of the finals on the morning of the 21st in a special game room prepared in the historic Sunke Villa,

according to the opening declaration of China Crisis Association President Chang Hao. .

Sun Yat-sen, who caused the Xinhai Revolution in 1911

to bring down the Qing Dynasty and put an end to the feudal dynasty system,

is called the father of the country in Taiwan and is highly respected in China.

This mansion, where Sun Ke, the only son of Sun Yat-sen,

lived in Shanghai in the 1930s and 1940s,

was built by a Hungarian architect in a European style.

Since then, the house has changed owners several times,

after being acquired by a Shanghai real estate company, it is now open to the public.

The area where Sunke Villa is located was a former American collective residence.

All of the surrounding buildings are built in the form of Western buildings,

giving it an exotic landscape.

The competition review room was set up in the former U.S. Navy Club,

a building adjacent to Sunker’s villa.

Review Room

In the review room, Chinese Go giants such as President Chang Hao,

Nye Weiping 9th Dan, Rui Naiwei 9th Dan, Zhang Juju 9th Dan,

Gu Zihao 9th Dan took their seats from the morning and were eager to analyze the situation.

Chang Hao, who played an active role as the No. 1 Go player in China in the early 2000s,

was recently appointed as the head of the China Crisis Association.

Nye Weiping

Nye Weiping, who sat face-to-face with Chang Hao and reviewed the final round,

is an elderly Chinese baduk player who played against Jo Hoon-hyeon 9th dan in the first Ing Si-bae final.

It was Nye Weiping, who emerged as a hero by defeating Japanese professional players one

after another in the Sino-Japanese Super Competition held in the 1980s,

is also the most respected professional player in the Chinese Go world.

At the Korean Kiwon, Yang Jae-ho, secretary general who was a former professional player, Mok Jin-seok,

national team manager, and Han Jong-jin, president of the Professional Knights Association, attended the review.

Hosted by the China Crisis Association and the Yingchang Crisis Education Foundation

organized by the Shanghai Crisis Association, the Yingchang Crisis Education Fund,

and the Changning District People’s Government,

The prize money for winning the 9th Ng Cup is $400,000 (approx. 530 million won),

the runner-up prize money is 100,000 dollars (about 130 million won).

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