Park Min-ji, Park Ji-young, and Lim Jin-hee, who won two wins each season on the Korean Women's Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, will compete for the first three wins in Jeju.Park Min-ji, Park Ji-young, and Lim Jin-hee will participate in the KLPGA Tour Doosan Engineering & Construction We've Championship (total prize money of 1.2 billion won) held at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort (par 72) in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do for four days from the 10th.
The three share the same two wins this season and are tied for the lead in most wins, so if they win this tournament, they will be the first to reach the three-win high.The three-win competition has become a point of observation that heats up the KLPGA tour this year.Last June, when Park Min-ji won the second championship of the season at the BC Card/Hankyung Ladies Cup, it was predicted that Park Min-ji would play solo like last year.
However, when Park Ji-young broke her long silence and won her second season in the Ever Collagen and The Siena Queens Crown last month, the game seemed to change to a positive one.On top of that, on the 6th, Jin-hee Lim climbed to the top of the Jeju Samdasoo Masters and took her second victory of the season, and suddenly changed to a three-way match.Not only the most wins, but also the competition for the prize money king and the grand prize became hotter.Park Ji-young, who has risen to first place in the prize money and grand prize, hopes to solidify the lead.Park Min-ji aims to recapture the top spot in the prize money ranking given to Park Ji-young.Lim Jin-hee, who jumped to 5th place in the prize money and 5th place in the grand prize, wants to prepare a foothold to jump into the competition for first place in both categories.The performance is also staggering.As the No. 1 batting average tells us, Park Ji-young boasts the most stable skills in both shots and putts.Lim Jin-hee is full of 스포츠토토존 confidence in the recent rise. Moreover, since this tournament will be held in Jeju, my hometown, I am greedy for a second consecutive victory in Jeju.Park Min-ji, who has been to the Amundi Evian Championship, a major event on the LPGA tour, is going to her first tournament in the second half of the year after resting and recharging her stamina.Im Jin-hee said, "It's a bit difficult physically, but I'm looking forward to it because I have a good sense of shot and putt."Park Min-ji said, "I'm in good shape because I've been resting well, and my shot and putt feel aren't bad. My goal is to play smart and bold." I will focus more so that I can go out as a group," he said.The Doosan E&C We've Championship is a new competition established by Doosan E&C with the apartment brand 'We've'.Following the establishment of a golf club last year, Doosan E&C even created a tournament with prize money comparable to major tournaments. The prize money for winning this tournament is 216 million won.Lim Hee-jeong, Park Gyeol, and Hyo-joo Hyo-joo of the Doosan Engineering & Construction Golf Team challenge to become the first champions of the sponsor competition.Lim Hee-jung, who has not been able to compete for a while due to an injury, is aiming for a revival, and Park Gyeol, who has been frequently ranked high this year, is looking forward to her second championship that has been delayed.Lim Hee-jung, who tied for 30th at the Jeju Samdasoo Masters, where she participated after a gap of nearly two months, said, "During the recovery period, I couldn't practice much because I was concentrating on rehabilitation and treatment. Looking at the shots and putts of the last tournament, I scored about 70 and 50 points. "I hope to add one win in the remaining competitions in the second half and continue to challenge for the championship," he said.Hyunjoo Yoo, a popular player sponsored by Doosan E&C, and Minsol Kim, representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games, were also on the list of participants.The variables are the course and the weather.Teddy Valley Golf & Resort, where the tournament is held, is holding a KLPGA tour tournament after a long time. It has been 15 years since it was held once in 2008, so it is unfamiliar to active players.
Teddy Valley Golf & Resort, which is considered a must-visit course on Jeju golf tours, does not have a very long battlefield orintricate layout, but sophisticated and strategic strategy is essential.There are many players who have experienced it, but it is noteworthy how it will perform in the setting of professional competitions.This course is a challenge for players as it creates fairways and part of the rough with Bermuda grass, which is rare in domestic golf courses.CEO Cho Chang-ho, who was in charge of course management, worked as general manager at Jade Palace Golf Club, where the Hanwha Classic, which is notorious for its deep, tough rough and extremely narrow fairways, was held until last yearPrior to the tournament, Typhoon Kanun is expected to pass through the vicinity of Jeju, and weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain are expected to have a significant impact on the athletes' performance, so clever game management and condition management are expected to determine the outcome.Meanwhile, Doosan E&C, which hosts the tournament, provides players with a daily practice at-bat on the driving range's natural grass and buffet meals.
Hole-in-one products also stand out.In the 14th hole (par 3), 1,000 whole chickens from Yellow Chicken were caught. In the 17th hole (par 3), a Lexus RX 350H hybrid car worth 100 million won is put up as a prize, and if you make a hole-in-one on the 7th hole, you will receive an illy coffee capsule worth 10 million won.

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