NBA star to naturalize, play for national team ‘first time ever’

NBA Minnesota Timberwolf Powerforward Kyle Anderson officially announced his Chinese naturalization on the 24th. (local time) and will participate in the basketball World Cup 홀덤사이트 with the Chinese national team, Reuters reports on the day.

Brazilian football players have been naturalized several times as Chinese nationals, but this is the first time an NBA basketball player has been naturalized as a Chinese citizen.

Anderson visited Shanghai on the 27th. June to initiate naturalization procedures.

On the 24th. A press conference was held with Yao Ming, the president of the China Basketball Association, and officially announced his naturalization to China.

He’ll be on the 25th. next month, in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan, representing the Chinese man basketball at the 2023 World Cup.

According to Chinese media, “Chinese blood” flows into him. His grandfather was Chinese. His grandfather was said to have immigrated to Jamaica from China during World War II.

The 29-year-old New Yorker is an NBA star with a reputation as a Power Forward.

“I’m very happy to represent China at the World Cup,” Anderson said in his Weibo account.

The World Basketball Association allows only one naturalized player to be included in the national team.

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