Former RCMP executive denies coming under pressure from attorney general, B.C

The latest series of testimony came at Cullen’s committee this week. Peter Jerman, a former RCMP executive and author of two money laundering reports, sided with him on the story after working with British Columbia Attorney General David Evey. German has denied allegations that his report was written under the direction of Attorney General Evie.

Mr. Jerman had more than 30 years of experience with the RCMP, and retired in 2012 when he reached the second highest position as deputy commissioner. He was later hired as an adviser by the attorney general in 2017, and produced two reports on money laundering issues in British Columbia.

In the first of the two-day testimony, the former RCMP officer was questioned by the committee’s counsel. Mr. Jerman was asked whether he was employed to drive a particular story, and whether his writings were influenced by political figures. In response, the consultant said that his arguments were independent, and that all he had written in the report was his own views and understanding.

The German prime minister also denied that his reports aim to delay and delay improvements to anti-money laundering measures for political reasons. According to him, since so much was going on at the time, it was natural for such reports to be the subject of huge media speculation, but he insisted that he was not aware of the political agenda and was never told how to write them.

In addition, he also responded to claims of a lack of communication with BCLC’s operators. Mr German denied the allegations and even stated that he had spoken to 160 individuals listed in the report. His reports were considered somewhat controversial because there were some errors, such as misrepresentation of what happened in casinos, and the use of anecdotal evidence rather than actual data.

William Smart, a lawyer for the Royal Family, said the German royal family’s claim that it did not do enough to tackle money laundering was false. Smart has provided evidence that the Royal Family has urged the RCMP and the Executive to take action and investigate the matter since 2010. 카지노사이트먹튀

Extensions allowed
Previous news about the Cullen Commission and the investigation into money laundering activities at BC casinos showed that the Commission had received an extension for the investigation. The investigation, led by Commissioner Austin Cullen, has endured scheduling and other obstacles over the past few months, so it will now have time until December 15, 2021 to produce a final report on the matter.

more testimony
The Commission most recently announced that there will be another series of testimony by the end of April. Former Prime Minister Christie Clark is one of the newly scheduled witnesses this month, along with her, former B.C. liberal ministers Rich Coleman, Michael De Yong, Kashhead and the party’s interim leader Shirley Bond. And finally, but most importantly, Attorney General Evie will testify.

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