Maddison is a passenger for Tottenham, leave him out of the starting XI

Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder James Maddison’s drought is getting worse. And with his slump, Spurs are showing no signs of improving.

Soccer stats site highlighted Maddison’s struggles on Monday (Jan. 1), noting that he is the second most underrated player in the Premier League since November. Since November, Maddison’s rating has dropped by 0.86 points to 7.23. Maddison has gone from being one of the best players in the league to so-so.

“If Maddison isn’t harassing opponents or playing creatively, he’s a passenger,” the outlet wrote, “He’s a completely different player to the one who took the league by storm in the opening months of the season.”

Maddison, who joined Spurs from Leicester City this season, is a completely different player before and after his injury. He hasn’t been able to regain his form since his long-term injury.

Before his injury, Maddison was the centerpiece of Tottenham’s offense, and he didn’t need much of an adjustment period at Spurs. He used his passing and kicking abilities to spearhead the offense, and he also led the team in offensive point production, both goals and assists. In 11 league games, he had three goals and five assists.

Along with Maddison, the team went from strength to strength. Tottenham were worried ahead of the season after losing star man Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, but Maddison and Son Heung-min have completely filled the void. It was a performance reminiscent of Kane’s. The duo has worked well together, leading the team to a 10-match unbeaten run as they surge to the top of the league.

An injury changed everything. In a game against Chelsea on November 8th of last year, Maddison suffered an ankle injury that forced him to leave the field after only playing the first half. It seemed like he would be back soon, but his recovery was slow and he didn’t return until late January.

After the injury, Maddison was a completely different player. While it’s inevitable for many players to dip in form after a long-term injury, he didn’t pick it up easily. He has only one goal and two assists in 12 league games since his return. In his last six league games, he doesn”t have any offensive points.

It”s not just his stats. His influence on the game has also dropped. Maddison, who used to be a lively presence in the middle of the park, has been slower since his injury, and his 토토사이트 creative passing and kicking have been absent, making it difficult for Tottenham to develop their attack. Striker Son Heung-min was forced to drop back to the center of the field, and Spurs’ attack began to stifle.

As Maddison’s form slumped, so did Tottenham’s. In the six games in which Maddison has failed to record an offensive point, Spurs have won two, drawn one, and lost three, and have dropped to seven points behind Aston Villa in fourth place in the league. Spurs have played two games less, but even if they win both of those games, it’s not overturnable. Spurs’ chances of qualifying for next season’s UEFA Champions League are in jeopardy.

Maddison is aware of his poor form, admitting that he hasn’t been as good as he was before his injury and vowing to get back up to speed, but it hasn’t been easy. He needs his form to return if Spurs are to finish fourth this season and challenge for the league title, which is his stated goal for next season.

Tottenham will next face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on May 3 in the 26th round of the Premier League. It’s unclear if Spurs manager Anzhi Postecoglou will leave Maddison out of the starting lineup.

“With five games remaining, there are growing calls for Maddison to be dropped from Tottenham’s starting lineup and few fans would blame the vice-captain for starting from the bench, starting with the game at Stamford Bridge.”

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