KT Korean Series has taken a four-day off break

Just smiling? KT Korean Series-level rest-NC four days off-‘Blue-eyed Seon Dong-yeol’ on the mound

For the first time since its inception, the ninth and youngest teams have met in the postseason. KT They also met on the way to the Korean Series.

Both teams have something in common: they’ve pulled off miracles.

KT was the favorite to win the title this season with a solid lineup alongside the LG Twins, but a rash of injuries to key players early in the season left them in last place for a month before a steep upward curve in June saw them finish second and earn a direct playoff berth.

NC was worried about a weakened offense after Na Sung-bum, who helped them win the title in 2020, left for KIA last year, and then top catcher Yang Yang-ji left for Doosan this year. Some experts even predicted a last-place finish. However, the team’s blend of veterans and younger players worked together as a tight-knit unit, consistently battling at the top of the standings and eventually qualifying for the postseason in fourth place. After easily defeating Dusan in the wildcard decider with a come-from-behind win in game one, NC continued their dominance in the semifinals against third-place SSG with three straight wins.

The fact that they went on a four-game winning streak without their best pitcher, Eric Peddie, makes it all the more frightening. Thanks to the three-game sweep, NC will now have a full four days of rest before facing KT in the first round of the playoffs on April 30 at KT Wiz Park in Suwon.

The best part is that Pedi will be available to start Game 1. After being hit by a pitch, he didn’t play in the semifinals, but he’s getting better. He should be ready for Game 1 of the PO in five days. This is obviously the best news for NC and the worst news for KT.

However, there is a silver lining for KT. They’re coming off a Korean Series-level break. KT played their final game of the season on the 10th. They had 20 days off. The players had enough rest to recover from the injuries and fatigue that accumulated during the season.

In the Korean Series, we saw the No. 1 team dominate the playoff winner after nearly three weeks of rest. The pitchers were definitely different after three weeks off. Even the PO winners, who came out of the PO with three straight wins, were unable to capitalize on the overpowering pitches of the #1 team’s pitchers, which means that KT’s pitchers are capable of showing that kind of power.

There are definite positives for both KT and NC. They don’t seem to be leaning one way or the other. The head-to-head this season is 10-6 in favor of KT. In the four years between 2020 and this year, KT has won 30, drawn 31, and lost one. It’s almost a whistle-stopper.

There is a lot of pride at stake in this series, as both teams were born out of the eight-team system. It could go all the way to Game 4 or even Game 5 without either team winning. The longer the series goes, the better the chances are for the LG Twins, 먹튀검증토토사이트 who will eventually go straight to the Korean Series. The harder they fight, the more LG laughs.

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