KB Son Bo protests the 5th set overnets…KOVO “Post-Reference”

For the second straight game, KB Insurance head coach Hoo In-jeong of the men’s professional volleyball team was red-faced.

Hoo loudly protested the referees in the home match against OK Financial Group at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in 온라인카지노 Gyeonggi-do on Nov. 24.

At 9-12 in the fifth set, an over-the-net call against OK Financial Group setter Kwak Myung-woo was overturned through video review.

Hoo immediately protested, saying, “What nonsense are you talking about?” and “I was hit (by the ball) while my hand was over the net.”

It was even more frustrating for Hoo as KB Insurance setter Hwang Seung-bin’s toss at 6-7 was later ruled an overnet after OK Financial Group requested a video replay.

In the end, KB Insurance was unable to turn the tide and lost the match 2-3 (25-19 23-25 25-17 20-25 11-15).

It was three days after Liu Hongmin’s hit was overturned as an attacker’s touchout against Woori Card on April 21.

At that time, Woori Card requested a video review of Liu’s hit at 15-17 in the second set, which resulted in an attacker’s touchout.

“I was protesting because it was an overnet for Hwang Seung-bin and not an overnet for OK Financial Group,” Hu told reporters after the match.

“I know the referee and the supervisor are working hard (to make the call), but it would be nice if they could tell us exactly how it is an overnet and how it is not an overnet, but when they say ‘I’m not sure’ and then say it’s not an overnet, I don’t understand,” Hoo said.

“If you’re not sure, you should have called it ‘unreadable’ and given it to us as a point,” he said.

Regarding the situation against Woori Card, he said, “It was frustrating because I asked the referee (at the time), ‘Did the ball go out after hitting Liu Hongmin’s hand,’ but he dismissed it by saying, ‘I’m not sure,'” and emphasized, “If you wait, you should say no.”

An official from the Korean Volleyball Organization (KOVO) said, “We will do a post-match review tomorrow (Nov. 25),” but explained that it will not change the outcome of the match.

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