D-plus Kia, which has won 7 consecutive games, will hold a mock test for PO

With five teams to compete in the 2024 LCK Spring Playoff, teams that are likely to face off in the playoffs will have a “mockdown” in the regular league.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), which hosts the Korean professional league of “League of Legends (LoL)” esports, announced that the showdown between the teams that confirmed their advance to the playoffs is attracting fans’ attention, with D-plus Kia facing T1 and Gen.G. and Hanwha Life e-Sports taking place in the eighth week of the 2024 LCK Spring at LCK Arena in Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, from the 13th (Wednesday) to the 17th (Sunday).

7th consecutive win D-plus Kia goes to the test.

D-Plus Kia has had seven consecutive wins in the seventh week. It confirmed its advance to the playoffs in the process, and has been listed in the playoffs every time since its promotion in 2019.

De Plus Kia, which has advanced to the playoffs for 11 times in a row, will face off against tough opponents in the eighth week in a row. It will face T1, which ranks second in the regular league, on Wednesday and Sunday, on Wednesday, it will face Gen.G., which has had 13 wins, one loss and seven consecutive wins through the seventh week.

For D-Plus Kia, these two games are nothing short of a mock test for the spring playoffs. While Gen.G and T1 have played four consecutive finals since the 2022 LCK Spring to form a two-way race, D-Plus Kia is lagging behind in their matches against these teams. In this year’s spring, D-Plus Kia also lost to both Gen.G and T1.

In order for D-Plus Kia to rank high, it has to beat the two teams in the eighth week. After falling to the bottom after losing four consecutive games, D-Plus Kia has changed its mood by winning seven consecutive games and has secured its place in the playoffs. If the team works without any pressure by staging a mock test against Gen.G. and T1, which are highly likely to meet in the playoffs, it may be able to achieve good results.

Where is the one remaining PO ticket?

With five teams confirming their advance to the spring playoffs in Week 6 and Week 7, attention is being paid to who will be the one remaining ticket in Week 8 to 9.

Guangdong Freaks, which has six wins and eight losses, will face Hanwha Life e-Sports on the 13th (Wednesday) and Pier X on the 16th (Saturday) in the 8th week. From the perspective of Guangdong Freaks, it may not be easy as Hanwha Life e-Sports is showing overwhelming performance against mid- and low-ranking teams, but if they beat Pier X, they may get an invitation to a spring feast.

KT Rolster is expected to be the team that will determine the fate of other lower-ranked teams. KT Rolster will play OK Savings Bank Brion and DRX in succession in the eighth week, and if the two teams lose both games, their chances of the playoffs will be even lower.

The commentators’ attention is on the fight for second and third places

Among the 10 matches allocated in the 8th week, the matchup that caught the attention of commentators is the matchup between T1 and Hanwha Life e-Sports on the 15th (안전놀이터) Wolf Schroeder, a global broadcaster, said, “It is a matchup that determines whether T1, which was defeated in the last match against Gen.G, will prove to be a step back for a two-step advancement by beating Hanwha Life e-Sports, or whether Hanwha Life e-Sports will be able to take the second place by beating T1,” recommending a fight between the second and third places, and “Nope” commentator Jung No-cheol stimulated viewers’ curiosity by saying, “There is information that Hanwha Life e-Sports, called the Orange Corps, is strong against T1, nicknamed the circus.”

Pony commentator Lim Joo-wan recommended a match between D-Plus Kia and T1 on Wednesday. “I wonder what D-Plus Kia will show in the process of opening the eighth week with T1 and closing the week with a showdown with Gen.G.,” Lim said. Global broadcaster “Atlus” Max Anderson picked the match between KT Rolster and DRX as a must-see game on Saturday, focusing on DRX’s move to secure sixth place.

Meanwhile, LCK, which had been transmitted after closed recording of Week 6 and Week 7 due to the DDoS attack, will be broadcast live without spectators from Week 8. It will be broadcast live on online platforms such as Africa TV (link), Naver Esports & Games (link), and YouTube LCK channel (link), and will start at 5 p.m. on weekdays and 1 game at 3 p.m. on weekends.

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