Baseball already cancels 53 games ‘it’s not too bad yet’

The number of games canceled in four months due to unrelenting rain has already surpassed the number of games canceled last year.So far, there are no problems with rescheduling, but the prolonged rainy season is expected to make for a difficult second half of the season for teams.From the start of this season to last weekend, 53 baseball games were canceled due to rain in about four months.That already surpasses the 49 games canceled all of last season.Compared to this time last year, the number of canceled games is more than double.As a result of this increase in rainouts, the KBO has decided to schedule games on Mondays when weekend games are canceled starting next month.By September 10, if either Saturday or Sunday is canceled, the game will be played on the following Monday, and if both are canceled, the remaining game will be played at a later date.The KBO will combine the casinosite canceled games on September 10 to reschedule the second half of the season, but so far, the league hasn’t seen any major disruptions from the rainouts.The decision to continue the league during the Hangzhou Asian Games has given the league some breathing room, unlike other years with major international events.A “doubleheader” with two games per day is not yet being considered due to the high risk of injury and spectator comfort, but it is a possibility if there are more rainouts in the remaining days.The KBO implemented doubleheaders and Monday games in 2020, when 68 games were canceled, and in 2021, when 105 games were canceled after the first-ever postponement of the start of the season due to COVID-19.However, if there are more rainouts in the future, it will put a lot of pressure on the teams who will have to fight for the top spot in the second half of the season.As they have to fight for the rankings in a tight schedule, physical fitness is expected to be the key to the second half of the rankings.

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