1,500 hits-500 saves a record-breaking first half of baseball

The first half of this season’s baseball season has been full of highs and lows.

This is because of the records that will go down in the history of the KBO League .Reporter Park Soo-joo summarizes the records, including the most RBIs in history and the first 500 saves by a Korean-American team .The record for the most hits in the first half of the KBO was set by KIA’s big man, Choi Hyung-woo. Choi reached the 1,500-hit plateau for the first time last month .It’s the most ever and the first time he surpassed Doosan’s Lee Seung-yeop’s 1,498 hits .Choi, who joined the team in 2003 as a catcher, suffered through the pain of being released and switched positions to become a hitter, and has proven his worth with consistency, has been a fan favorite .”I’ve been playing a lot of really hard baseball for 16 seasons, and I don’t show much pain…I think that’s why I have such a good record. “The pitching record is definitely Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan’s 500 career saves in Korea and the sportstoto United States. Since his professional debut in 2005, he has accumulated 378 saves in Korea, 80 in Japan, and 42 in the United States, more than 100 saves shy of the league’s second place. “High, far, and deep to left, a home run in a row!” In addition, SSG infielder Choi had already exploded for 19 home runs in the first half, marking his 18th consecutive season of double-digit home runs, the longest in history. If he adds another 19 home runs in the second half, he will join Lee Seung-yup as the all-time home run leader. Among foreign pitchers, NC Peddy tied the league’s 30-year record for fewest wins in 10 games. The record streak is expected to continue in the second half of this season’s KBO.KIA’s Yang Hyun-jong has won the most starts in history, and NC’s Son Ah-seop is on the verge of breaking the record for most hits.

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