‘Already 3 wins’ Hana WonQ coach Kim Do-Wan

They didn’t miss any gaps in the opponent’s ace and pounced on them. As a result, Hana WonQ picked up their third win of the season.

Hana OneQ defeated Samsung Sinsung 65-44 in Game 25 of the second round of the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) Regular Season at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on Wednesday. It was a 21-point victory.

Hana took the lead in the first quarter. Led by center Yang In-young, who had six points, three rebounds, and one assist, Hana finished the first quarter 15-11, and extended the lead to 29-17 in the second quarter as Yang and Kim Jong-woo combined for five points and two rebounds.

They allowed their opponents to fight back in the third quarter and cut the deficit to four points, but they bounced back in the fourth quarter to win the game 65-44.

After the game, Hana OneQ head coach Kim Do-wan said, “It feels great to win. It was a tough game today. Rather than me saying, ‘Let’s play hard,’ I think the players’ will to play was really strong. The players talked a lot with each other and their motivation to try is very good,” he said with a smile.

Samsung ace Bae Hye-yoon was absent due to knee pain. “Of course, we were missing a lot of good players (due to injuries), so it was hard to play against them,” Kim said. Samsung is a strong team when their main players are back. We will prepare well to win the next time we meet them. But for today, we will celebrate the team’s victory and prepare well for the next game.”

Yang In-young recorded a “double-double” with 16 points and 10 assists, while Shin Ji-hyun and Jung Yerim led the team with 13 and 10 points, respectively. For the coach, it was guard Jung Yerim who stood out. “I think the game went well because (Jung) Yerim came alive. Overall, it was a team effort. I want to say thank you and thank you for your hard work,” he said, giving credit to the players.

They let the game slip away in the third quarter. Hana scored 13 points in the third quarter, but gave up 19 points to Samsung. Five three-pointers were the culprit. Coach Kim said, “In the third quarter, I think we had a momentary miscommunication on defense. We wanted to limit Samsung’s three-pointers as much as possible, but it didn’t work out.”

“We had some of these situations in the fourth quarter, and I think this is something we need to work on and prepare for in the future, but I think it’s great that we didn’t lose the rebounding battle today,” Kim laughed. Hana held Samsung to 29 three-point attempts on the day, giving up 21 points from beyond the arc alone, but they were able to pull away with a 38-25 advantage in the rebounding battle.


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