The potential explosion of Hanwha’s Noh Shi-hwan

The potential explosion of Hanwha’s Noh Shi-hwan (24), who became the KBO’s home run king last year, cannot be explained without mentioning Chae Eun-sung (34). During spring training in Arizona last year, Chae Eun-sung said, “Weight is best with a partner. Let’s do it together,” and the pair repeated the same routine throughout the season.

At home and on the road, they lifted weights together every other day to prepare for matches. For home games, they would arrive at Daejeon’s Hanwha Life Eagles Park as early as 11:30 a.m., and for away games, they would stretch and lift weights at their hotel before lunch to keep their strength and stamina up. Noh Si-hwan, in particular, didn’t slow down until the end of the season.

“It means a lot to play a full season without getting sick,” said Noh, who started all 131 games except for the Asian Games. It was good to show that I’m a healthy and self-care player,” he said, adding, “The weight training I did with Chae Eun-sung worked. I barely gained any weight. 토토사이트 During the season, you have to eat well because of all the energy you put into it, but I didn’t gain much weight because I kept lifting weights.”

The result was a career-high season

The result was a career-high season in which he batted .298 (153-for-514) with 31 home runs, 101 RBI, 74 doubles, 118 walks, a .388 on-base percentage, .541 slugging percentage and a .929 OPS. After leading the league in home runs and RBIs and finishing second in OPS, Noh won the Golden Glove for third baseman. At the post-season awards ceremony, Noh repeatedly thanked Chae Eun-sung, saying, “I learned baseball from her, and I received a lot of help from her, from how to overcome when things don’t go well to hitting technique.”

Chae Eun Sung clapped his hands and said, “Sihwan is a good baseball player from the beginning. He has a good talent, and his performance was the result of his preparation and hard work before the season, and he seemed to have confidence in his own preparation (from not changing his form when it was bad).” “I didn’t do anything for him. I only bought her something delicious when she was having a hard time.”

In his first year as a free agent, Chae batted .521 (137-for-521) with 23 home runs, 84 RBIs, 52 walks, 102 strikeouts, a .351 on-base percentage, .428 slugging percentage and a .779 OPS. A mid-to-late season hamstring injury slowed him down, but he stayed in the middle of the order for the most part. With the team’s lack of power, he felt a responsibility to stay in the lineup, and manager Choi Won-ho saw this and gave him the captaincy for the new season.

As the captain, he prepared for the season quickly.

On February 23, the team traveled to Melbourne, Australia, for spring training with Noh Si-hwan, infielder Ha Joo-seok, pitcher Joo Hyun-sang, and Han Seung-ju. They moved a week ahead of the February 1 camp start date to get acclimatized. Even at her former team, LG, Chae Eun-sung was never left out of the starting lineup that went to camp first. Noh Si-hwan will follow the same routine, traveling with Chae Eun-sung.

Hanwha relied heavily on Noh and Chae to bat third and fourth last year. On days when either of them had a bad day, the offense struggled. The rest of the bats were less productive and had ups and downs. However, the acquisition of Ahn Chi-hong, a proven middle and long-distance hitter in the free agent market, 토토사이트 순위 and the addition of Jonathan Peraza, a new foreign batsman with a strong batting background, will hopefully take some of the pressure off the ‘old duo’. With some freedom from the spotlight, the duo’s performance is expected to rise.

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