Spanish Football Association President ‘Forced Kiss’ Eventually Resigns

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Association, who kissed the player at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Awards, has finally decided to step down.

“I have submitted my resignation to the acting president of the Spanish Football Association,” Rubiales said in a statement released today (11th).

He added, “I will also step down as vice president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).”

After Spain won the Women’s World Cup last month, Rubiales caused controversy by kissing Spanish player Hennifer Hermoso at the awards ceremony.

Chairman Rubiales claimed it was ‘an act with Hermoso’s consent,’ but Hermoso denied it.

President Rubiales was suspended from his duties for 90 days by FIFA, and Spanish prosecutors are conducting a preliminary investigation into whether he committed sex crimes.

Chairman Rubiales, who has insisted on his innocence despite pressure to resign, explained the background of his resignation, saying, “Sticking to the (rejection of resignation) will negatively affect the Spanish Football Association.”

The remarks are interpreted with the situation in mind that Spain is challenging to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup along with Portugal, Morocco, and Ukraine.

At the same time, Chairman Rubiales did not change his position that the kiss was an act with Hermoso’s consent, stressing that he would “do his best to ensure that the truth wins.”


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