SK chief meets TSMC head for AI memory chip cooperation

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won, left, poses with TSMC Chairman C.C. Wei in Taipei, Taiwan, Thursday. Courtesy of SK Inc.

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won met with TSMC Chairman C.C. Wei to discuss collaboration on AI semiconductors, in an effort to further strengthen the grip of the group’s memory chip maker SK hynix, the group said Friday.

The Korean conglomerate said that the chairman met his counterpart on Thursday in Taipei, Taiwan. TSMC is the world’s largest foundry company, which produces 토토 chips for chip design companies. SK hynix is a leader in AI memory chips and high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, with more than half of the market share last year.

“During their meeting, Chairman Chey conveyed the message, ‘Let’s open the era of AI that benefits humanity together,’ and agreed to strengthen the cooperation between SK hynix and TSMC in the HBM sector,” the group said.

In April, SK hynix signed a memorandum of understanding with TSMC to develop HBM4, a sixth-generation HBM chip, and to enhance its advanced chip packaging technology capabilities.

This meeting is an extension of Chey’s aggressive moves in the AI semiconductor field, the group said.

Chey has shown a series of aggressive moves for global cooperation in the AI and semiconductor fields since the end of 2023, citing the growing importance of establishing a global cooperation ecosystem that can meet the wide-ranging demands of customers in the AI and semiconductor sectors.

Last December, Chey visited the headquarters of ASML, a Dutch company producing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment, and drew out technical cooperation measures for EUV and next-generation EUV development with SK hynix.

In April, Chey also discussed strengthening the partnership between SK hynix and the U.S.-based AI chip giant Nvidia, during his meeting with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang in San Jose, California.

“Chairman Chey’s recent moves are based on the judgment that it is important to build a global cooperation network to enhance the competitiveness of Korea’s AI and semiconductor industry as well as SK’s business capability,” a spokesperson of the group said.

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