Saskatchewan Welcomes the White Horse War

Saskatchewan’s news came immediately after the harness-free competition for nearly eight years that sports fans and riders were delighted to hear that the race was returning to the provinces. This came as a fresh air for industry workers and many local fans after Prairie Lland Park previously announced that Marquis Downs in Saskatoon would be converted into a football stadium.

Prairiel and park were forced to cancel the thoroughbred race on site in February this year, and horse racing in the park was officially terminated following a recent agreement with the Canadian Premier Soccer League to use the ground as a football team stadium site. However, there is still a possibility that horse racing will return to the track before the transition to the stadium becomes a reality.

Marquis Downs’s last harness race dates back to 2010, and the track was unable to host both races at the same time due to financial difficulties. Trevor Williams, chairman of Standard Bread Racing Industries in Manitoba, has come up with some good news. According to Williams, there were discussions between the race track and his father, Mike Williams, chairman of Manitoba Harness Horseman Co., about a potential return to the competition.

Due to the canceled obedience season, the venue is considering a 10-day stand in Saskatoon to provide the track’s jockey and trainer with an extra five weeks of horse racing. The season renewal will take place after Manitoba’s summer circuit ends. The transition to a full-fledged soccer stadium is expected to begin as early as 2022, allowing park riders to enjoy the venue a little longer.

According to Williams, the discussion aims for a five-week Saturday and Sunday race, with a total of 10 days. But according to him, 10 races a day are unrealistic, and the park aims for seven races a day with an average of about 2,500 Canadian dollars. In addition, Mr. Williams hopes that the track’s convenient location will create a lot of attention and horse-drawn people in nearby stables.

Despite recent developments in this matter, there are still many details to be worked out, including horse racing office staff and wage issues. Mr Williams maintains a positive and hopeful attitude that the track will regain its past glory and bring its final joy to locals before it is later closed. 바카라

“Real good punch”
The news that the racetrack will be transformed into a full-scale stadium was not taken lightly by local equestrian. Trainer Anita Gaddipi was among the first to complain about the project, claiming the whole situation was a “real gut punch.” But her decision is not surprising, as inactivity and indifference in the park to help struggling industries will always lead to it, according to her.

No Communication
Another person directly affected by the decision was junior jockey Nicole Hein, who also expressed her unhappiness with the recent canceled season and changes in the property. According to her, Prairie Lland Park did not include jockeys in the discussion for the future of the track. But she decides not to give up her home’s horse racing industry and refuses to travel to neighboring tracks to compete.

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