Rapper Zico to return with new single featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Rapper Zico, left, and BLACKPINK member Jennie work on Zico's upcoming single, 'SPOT!' in this undated photo. Courtesy of KOZ Entertainment.

Rapper Zico will return to the music scene this Friday with his latest digital single “SPOT!,” featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The hip-hop track will serve as a tribute to the rapper’s decade-long solo career.Even before the official announcement of the new song’s release, Zico drew attention, Thursday, by gradually unveiling videos and photos featuring Jennie. Those posts were later revealed to have been captured during the recording of the new track.Continuing on Saturday, Zico engaged with fans live on Instagram, discussing the new song. Jennie participated in the live broadcast with real-time comments.Expressing his anticipation, the rapper said, “Since April 18, I’ve been teasing snippets of the new song every day. Although the work has been ongoing, it’s been a year and nine months since I last released a song under my name. I’ve been keeping busy to showcase various activities. I hope you eagerly anticipate the release.”

The 31-year-old went on to elaborate on Jennie’s contribution to the song.”Jennie poured her heart and soul into the recording process. She demonstrated professionalism by suggesting editing even when I complimented the sound. Jennie played a significant role in perfecting this track. The enjoyable collaboration has seen positive results,” he said.Debuting as a member of K-pop boy band Block B in 2011, Zico transitioned to his solo rap career approximately three years later. Renowned for his distinctive musical style, he produced a series of chart-topping hits including “Boys and Girls” (2015), “Any Song” (2020) and “New Thing” (2022).Of particular significance is his frequent collaboration with trend-setting artists. Notably, his 2018 collaboration, 온라인카지노 “SoulMate,” with singer IU, dominated local music charts, earning widespread acclaim.

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