Pohang Steelers met with local children at a soccer class

The Pohang Steelers met with local children at a soccer class.

The Pohang Steelers held the ‘POSCO Future M Future Generation Soccer Class with the Pohang Steelers’ at the Pohang Indoor Gymnasium on the 28th. The event was attended by Pohang Steelers Youth Director Lim Kyung-hoon, U15 coach Jung Jun-hyung, and players Kang Hyun-jae, Yoon Seok-joo, Lee Dong-hyeop, and Kim Dong-min. They had a great time with 50 elementary school students who love the Pohang Steelers and soccer.

Due to the unseasonably hot weather, the soccer class was moved from outdoors to indoors. Even in the relatively cool room, the teachers and students sweated and focused on soccer. 바카라사이트 After warming up and learning the basics, the students had time to review with mini-games.

In the mini-games,

Which were divided into teacher and student teams, the teachers were serious about “showing the world of competition,” which made them laugh.

“The students’ enthusiasm made me lose track of time, so I became competitive and apologized for scoring a goal without realizing it,” said Kang Hyun-jae. “It was a fun time, and I hope this time will be a good memory for the children.”

Last month, Pohang Steelers players Kim Gyu-hyung, Yoon Jae-woon, Choi Hyun-woong, and Lee Kyu-baek met with local children through the Future Generation Soccer Class at Cheorim Stadium in Pohang. 온라인카지노사이트 The Pohang Steelers plan to continue to organize soccer classes for local children once or twice a month with POSCO FutureM.

Meanwhile, Pohang will travel to Gimcheon Sports Complex on the first of next month to face Gimcheon Sangmu in the 16th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024.

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