Park Hye-jung Wins the Asian Weightlifting Women’s Heavyweight Title

Park Hye-jung Wins the Asian Weightlifting Women’s Heavyweight Title… Younhaje also took First Place in the 87kg Class

‘Post Jang Mi-ran’ Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall) started the 2024 season on a good note by becoming the Asian Weightlifting Championships champion.

Park Hye-jeong lifted 128kg in snatch, 165kg in clean and jerk, and 293kg in total at the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the 9th in the women’s over 87kg competition, taking the top spot in all three categories. 바카라사이트

In the Olympics and Asian Games, medals are awarded based solely on total records, but at the Asian Championships, medals are awarded in all three categories: snatch, clean and jerk, and total.

Hyejung Park won all three of her gold medals.

Son Young-hee (30, Jeju Provincial Office) ranked second in all three categories with 127 kg in snatch, 160 kg in jerk and jerk, and 287 kg in total.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games in October last year, Park Hye-jung took first place and Son Young-hee took second place, and in the first match this year, Park Hye-jung won by decision.

In 2023, Park Hye-jung won the World Championships in September and the Asian Games in October.

Li Wenwen (23, China), the world’s strongest player in this weight class, suffered an injury during a match at last year’s world championships and did not participate in the Asian Games in October.

Since China did not participate in this Asian Championships, Li Wenwen did not stand on the platform.

Li Wen-Won is the strongest athlete holding world records for the women’s 87kg and above in the snatch (147kg), clean and jerk (186kg), and total (332kg).

There is a high possibility that Li Wen-won will participate in the Paris Olympics, so she cannot guarantee that Park Hye-jung will win the Paris Olympics gold medal.

However, Park Hye-jung has recently been at the top of all competitions in which Li Wen-wen did not participate, so her chances of winning a medal at the Paris Olympics are increasing.

Yoon Ha-je (24, Gimhae City Hall), who competed in the women’s 87kg class, took first place in total, lifting 100kg in snatch, 130kg in jerk and jerk, and 230kg in total.

Haje Youn placed second in the snatch, behind Nikora Subonova (18, Uzbekistan), who lifted 101kg, but she came in first in the clean and jerk, and she also won gold in the all-important total.

Suvonova’s total record was 229 kg (101 kg in snatch and 128 kg in jerk and jerk).

Haje Youn, the silver medalist at the Hangzhou Asian Games, won two gold medals and one silver medal on this day.

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