Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shin Jae-hwan

[Asian Games] Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shin Jae-hwan, 4th Place in Hangzhou Vault

2020 Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Shin Jae-hwan (25, Jecheon City Hall) failed to stand on the podium at the Asian Games.

Shin Jae-hwan earned an average of 14.149 points in the first and second periods in the men’s vault finals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Artistic Gymnastics held at the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 29th.

Shin Jae-hwan

As Shin Jae-hwan finished the competition in fourth place, following Japan’s Wataru Tanigawa (15.016 points),

Mahdi Olfathi (Iran, 14.783 points), and Muhammad Shahrul (Malaysia, 14.466 points).

Shin Jae-hwan won the vault at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, giving Korean gymnastics its second Olympic gold medal in history and nine years after Yang Hak-seon (vault) at the 2012 London Olympics. 먹튀검증가이드

In the first period of the day, Shin Jae-hwan performed the 6.0 difficult technique ‘Yonekura’ (a technique of holding a chopping board to the side and twisting it three and a half times to bring it down).

Of the eight players who made it to the finals, only two, Shin Jae-hwan and winner Tanigawa, challenged the 6.0 difficulty level.


However, after flying spectacularly into the air, Shin Jae-hwan was unable to overcome his speed upon landing and almost sat down on the mat, then took a big step back and hit his buttocks.

In the end, he received a penalty of 0.3 points, resulting in only 13.766 points.

In the second period, Shin Jae-hwan received 14.533 points, including a 5.2-point difficulty skill and an execution score of 9.333 points.

Because the difficulty level was much lower than the first period, it was difficult to raise the overall average even if the performance score was high.

Shin Jae-hwan said in the joint coverage area after the game, “I prepared hard for this tournament, but I still have regrets in the first period,” and said, “I will use this tournament as an opportunity to become a player who can grow even more without being intimidated.”

Shin Jae-hwan, who chose the 5.2-point technique instead of the 5.6-point difficulty ‘Yeo 2’ (two and a half laps in the air) in the second period, said, “The International Gymnastics Federation regulations changed, so I had to learn a new technique instead of the old technique.” He explained.

He expressed regret once again, saying, “Kim Han-sol (Seoul City Hall), who won the gold medal the day before, played a lot of pranks and helped me a lot to relieve my tension, but today I still have regrets.”

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