Leeds to attract problem gambler treatment centre in UK

Gambling should be treated as a recreational activity, but unfortunately, many people tend to forget about it and start sacrificing themselves to the toxicity of gambling. This triggers an increase in the number of infected gambling activities around the world. Gambling problems are attributing a surge in debt to debt. Countries with regulated gambling markets have already begun to examine and address this problem. Responsible gambling and damage minimization measures adopted by countries vary considerably.

The UK is one of the countries obsessed with gambling addiction. A recent study conducted by Leeds Beckett University found that more than 10,000 people in the city can be affected by gambling addiction. In addition, the figures show that 30,000 people are at risk of developing the gambling problem. Studies show that 400,000 people nationwide have gambling-related problems.

Gambleware (a British organization that encourages responsible gambling) is working with the Public Health Organization to tackle gambling problems and is currently discussing setting up clinics for gamblers with problems in Leeds. Dr Ian Cameron, now Leeds City Council’s public health director, added that the clinic is aimed at providing financial support to the gambling industry in the UK.

Britain Busy Fighting Gambling Problems
Last year, the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports began a large-scale consultation with North Korea, which accepted the idea of establishing the first gambling addiction counseling center.

Dr. Alexandra Kenyon of the University of Beckett in Leeds explained that the problem is that people don’t talk openly about gambling addiction. She took the opportunity to note that Leeds City Council had already begun taking various steps to address this burning problem. Mr Kenyon explained that the gambling industry works with the city council to launch the Beat the Oz campaign, which warns people about the hidden dangers gambling can pose.

Not long ago, Britain was criticized for its lack of responsible gambling measures and reviewed responsible gambling problems every three years, and the government is preparing to crack down on gambling fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT), called “silent addiction,” and lawmakers are discussing ways to lower their maximum stake.


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