Lee Jeong-hoo’s Smile Makes Director Melvin Happy

Lee Jeong-hoo’s Smile Makes Director Melvin Happy… “You Look Comfortable”

Bob Melvin, manager of the American Professional Baseball (MLB) San Francisco Giants,

once again highly evaluated the adaptation process of Lee Jeong-hoo (25),

who is about to play in an exhibition game as the team’s first hitter and center fielder in the 2024 season.

Coach Melvin, who leads the players at San Francisco’s spring camp training facility set up in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA,

said in an interview with American media, including APTN,

an Associated Press affiliated broadcaster, on the 19th (Korean time) that he would smoothly take root in American society and the big leagues. 바카라사이트

I looked at Lee Jeong-hoo getting off with satisfaction.

When asked about foreign players’ adaptation to the big leagues, Coach Melvin said,

“Looking back at the beginning of my coaching career,

no matter what country the players came from,

the coaching staff paid more attention to making them feel comfortable.”

He added, “Housing, dinner, and food.”

“There are a lot of good people in the clubhouse who can help foreign players with issues and things like that, and we can adjust things like that to suit them,” he explained.

He added, “Nowadays, with the help of interpreters for foreign players,

we can guide them in the right direction so that they can act comfortably on the team.”

Coach Melvin said, “Jung-hoo Lee has a smile on his face every day and seems comfortable here and in his new surroundings,” adding,

“It’s an impressive sight, and it’s very relatable to a lot of people in our clubhouse.”

He gave Lee Jung-hoo credit for his quick adaptation to the team. I gave it.

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