KT Park Young-hyun said, “Like Oh Seung-hwan, AG is straightforward.”

KT Park Young-hyun said, “Like Oh Seung-hwan, AG is straightforward.”

There is one “madangsoe” on the mound of KT in professional baseball this season.Park Young-hyun, who emerged as the league’s top setup man with “straightforward,” is the main character.

The second round of the semi-playoff against Kiwoom in October last year.KT Park Young-hyun, a 19-year-old rookie at the time, completely blocked two innings and recorded the youngest save in postseason history.Park Young-hyun surprised everyone with his bold appearance that was not like a rookie.There was no second year jinx.He had a 2-point ERA in the first half of the season, taking 16 holds, the second-most in the league.Park Young-hyun, who modified his pitching form at this year’s spring camp, has become faster and stronger.Oh Seung-hwan, the symbol of the finish of Korean professional baseball, is a role model, and his “straightforward ball” is gaining more power this year.<Park Young-hyun / KT Pitcher> “Oh Seung-hwan has been a role model since middle school, but I practiced more because I wanted to resemble him.” Other pitchers throw the ball, but I think I’m pressing the ball at all…”Park Young-hyun, who is always called “Denden-i” by fans for his part when he takes the mound, wore the Taegeuk mark of the adult national team for the first time in his life.I am very excited to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games with Hanwha Moon Dong-ju, who enjoyed the honor of the first draft nomination together.<Park Young-hyun / KT Pitcher> “(KIA Choi) Jimin and Dong-joo were together when they were teenagers, so I think it would be more comfortable because they are close now and even when they go there.”Park Young-hyun is determined to throw his share of his close team senior So Hyung-joon, who failed to join the national team due to injury, in Hangzhou.


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