Korean conglomerate workers earn higher salary than Japanese workers for 1st time in 2022: report

 Commuters head to their workplaces at Gwanghwamun in Seoul, March 8. Yonhap

The average wage of Korean workers at conglomerates surpassed that of Japanese workers for the first time in 2022, a report showed Sunday.In 2022, employees at Korea’s big companies earned 5.88 million won ($4,414) on a monthly average, up 157.6 percent from 2.28 million won recorded 20 years ago, according to the report by the Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF).The 2022 amount was higher than the average monthly wage of Japanese workers at conglomerates at 4.43 million won, which was down 6.8 percent from 4.84 million won in 2002.

In 2002, the situation was the opposite, with the average monthly wage of Japanese workers at large companies at 4.84 million won, much higher than the 2.28 million won earned by Korean workers.The report also showed that the average monthly wage of Korean workers at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was 3.4 million won in 2022, slightly higher than that of Japanese SME workers at 3.32 million won, vice versa from the situation two decades ago.The average monthly wage of Korean workers at companies with 10 or more employees came to 4 million won in 2022, also outstripping the 3.79 million won earned by Japanese workers.The wage of Korean workers increased overall, unlike that of Japanese workers, but the wage gap between big companies and SMEs sharply widened in Seoul, while it lessened in Tokyo.In 2022, Korean SME workers earned 57.7 percent of what conglomerate workers did, while Japanese SME workers received 73.7 percent of the wage 카지노 of workers at big companies, according to KEF.

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