Kiwoom Heroes’ finishing camp has ended

Kiwoom Heroes’ finishing camp has ended.

Kiwoom announced on the 26th, “We have concluded the finishing camp held from the 22nd to the 26th of last month at the Taejang Sports Complex baseball field in Wonju, Gangwon-do.”

Led by head coach Hong Won-ki, a total of 35 players, including 2024 rookies, participated in the camp. The camp roster was composed mainly of prospects and rookies, but also included some players who played in the first team this season, such as Lim Ji-yeol, Kim Dong-hyuk, and Park Soo-jong.

The final camp focused on basic training with the goal of strengthening individual skills. The players worked on their deficiencies through nightly self-discipline training, and later in the camp, they held practice games and scrimmages to check their training performance.

In addition, hiking and Pilates programs were included to strengthen physical strength, and a total care program was conducted to manage the players’ mental health. 바카라사이트 Kiwoom fell to the bottom of the table this season. Coach Hong set out to rebound.

“We achieved our goal of improving the players’ skills,” said Hong Won-ki. We had a lot of talented rookies join the team, so we carefully observed the extent to which they showed their skills in practice,” said Hong.

“I hope that each of the players will make up for their deficiencies and prepare well before the spring camp,” said Hong. “I would like to thank the officials of the Taejang Sports Complex for not only the excellent facilities but also for their help during the camp. Thanks to them, we were able to focus on our training.”

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