Korean judoka Kim Ha-yoon (Anshan City), who won the only gold medal for the Korean judo team in the women’s 78kg+ category, said she was encouraged by the one-sided support from the Chinese home crowd. “Deep down, I wanted to meet Xu Shiyan in the final,” Kim said after defeating Xu Shiyan (CHN) in the women’s 78kg and above judo final by half a stilt walker at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Linfu Gymnasium in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China on Saturday. “I thought the Chinese crowd’s support was directed at me, so I was more motivated to compete. “On the day of the final, Kim faced the one-sided cheers of the Chinese fans in the stands. Before the match, the Chinese crowd chanted “Zhiyao!” and during the match, the chants grew louder every time Xu Shiyan tried to attack .But Kim was having none of it. Just 43 seconds into the match, she scored her half of the points with a leg flip and held on for the rest of the match to win the gold medal .In fact, the match was far from easy. Kim had lost both of her previous international matches against Xu Shiyan.”I was confident,” Kim said, “because the last time I lost, I was leading the game and then I got beaten back.” “I thought I could definitely win if I played according to my analysis,” he said confidently. Even the pain in his left knee didn’t deter Kim. “I injured my knee while training a week before the match,” Kim said, “I could hardly train after that, and I played with it taped up.” The leg injury was devastating for Kim, whose specialty is inside leg flips.” I was worried about my hanging leg,” he said, “but the pain went away when I played,” he laughed .The pressure of the first ever no-gold crisis was not lost on Kim Ha-yoon. The Korean judo team nearly suffered its first-ever Asian Games individual gold medal disappointment, as all of the athletes competing in the individual event failed to win a gold medal, except for Kim Ha-yoon.”It was a little bit of pressure, but I thought I could just do what I was doing,” said Kim. “I just wanted to compete without any regrets, and that’s what happened. “Kim remained calm during the interview, despite winning the gold medal .Only when asked about his parents did a little dew form at the corners of his eyes, but he was smiling and cheerful throughout the interview. “The Asian Games is a big competition, but my ultimate goal is an Olympic gold medal,” he said, “I’m going to go to Korea and work harder.” “I’m going to go to Korea and work harder,” he said, implying that he sees the Asian Games as a step on the way to winning an Olympic gold medal, not a destination. He was especially grateful for the gift that led him to judo in his third year of middle school .”My middle school physical education teacher was a judoka, and she recommended judo, so I signed up at a local gym,” he said, “and that’s how I ended up becoming an athlete.” “When I go to Busan (his hometown), I visit him and say hello,” he said, adding, “I’m very grateful. “Kim’s parents and brother were at the stadium to cheer her on. “My mom is probably crying right now,” Kim said, adding, “She always says, ‘You’re the best,’ so I’m glad I showed her a good performance.” “There’s something I really want to say,” she continued, “I’m a fan of (singer) Kim Hojoong. I want to meet him once 카지노.” When we asked her shyly, “Do you mean Kim E-Joon?” she exclaimed, “Kim Ho Joong!

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