Jackpot Worth Quitting A Job: 9 Gump Colleagues Reach Out After C$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

One of the most interesting things that can happen to the lottery world and the people involved in the hype surrounding it is actually winning one of the generous prizes that comes out when you get all the numbers drawn. In addition, even this can sometimes win first place when players win in a bundle after playing with their friends. Guelph’s nine colleagues were able to confirm that after receiving their $60 million Lotto Max winnings yesterday.

The last days of 2018 were special for many players who were able to win generous lottery prizes, but Dec. 21 was particularly remarkable because nine friends found out they deserved a big windfall. The non-valueable paper has the number 07-21-23-25-31-34-45 printed in addition to the bonus number 37. Once they found out that the prize money was soaring, friends and colleagues really went into the lottery.

Friends who win together as a team
There is nothing surprising about this statement because as soon as news about the rising jackpot is published, thousands of people quickly go to the nearest lottery retailer and test their luck with ticket purchases. This, in turn, increases the prize money even further, benefiting the final winner or winners. That was the case with nine colleagues who bought the lottery together in hopes of a big win.

Lady Luck was generous enough for them to dabble in one of the most generous cash payments in December. Among them, the younger player is 21 years old, and the oldest player is 57 years old. They were all working at the assembly site of the Linamar company in Guelph. Working days used to go better together, because they even worked one shift, making the work process less routine.

Allah Hirmiz Heiling, from Kitchener, was one of the winners who claimed they were all good friends not only at work but also in their free time. Celebrating birthdays together was a harbinger of this celebration of great fortune. Maintaining close relationships with colleagues makes the entire work process much more fun, productive, and sometimes financially profitable.

The next one for the winners is 슬롯사이트
Last fall, many of the nine winners have participated in lottery games in the past, especially focusing on bigger prizes like this one. Last fall, they caught their attention because they felt that the $50 million prize money would increase further in the coming weeks. This is how they started to buy tickets regularly, having only bought four tickets by December 21. Fernando Menes was the individual who bought the lucky ticket and kept it safe until the draw.

Shortly after the weekly regular draw, Mercedes Granadino, another of the winners, called Menes to remind them to check the number. The Ontario Lottery and gaming company offers players a high-end, easy-to-use mobile app to scan tickets. The ticket holder quickly scanned the paper and, after several scans and checking the number, realized that this was one of the most special nights of his life.

Shortly after they checked the news, they all submitted their resignations, giving them time to focus on pursuing their dreams. This may mean that they will no longer see each other every day, but this is the purpose of the Internet. All of them will meet in a year to catch up with real life, and by then agreed to keep in touch via text and phone. Stories like this show that when many people believe something collectively, they can make a real difference in their lives.

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