“I miss Korea!”The coach said, “I can’t forget K-Chicken, my son wants to live in Korea.”

Coach Bento said, “I miss Korea!”The coach said, “I can’t forget K-Chicken, my son wants to live in Korea.”

Bento and Sergio, who led the South Korean national soccer team for four years and four months until the 2022 Qatar World Cup, mentioned South Korea. Coach Sergiu appeared on the “Soccer Captain Kwak Ji-hyuk” channel on the 26th and told him how he has been doing. Since it was an urgent meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, Bento couldn’t come out in person and joined through a video call.

Bento said, “I wanted to go out with coach Sergio to meet today, but I couldn’t because there was something really important. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Thank you so much for not forgetting us and coming.” “I miss Korean people, Korean life, and Korean food,” he said. 토토사이트넷

Bento was sent off shortly after the second group match of the Qatar World Cup. He received a red card while protesting against referee Anthony Taylor. Due to this disciplinary action, the third match against Portugal was led by coach Sergio, not coach Bento. South Korea dramatically advanced to the round of 16 with a 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Portugal.

Coach Sergio said, “I miss Korea so much. “Life in Korea, which started in 2018, was the best,” he said. “The match against Portugal in the third group stage of the Qatar World Cup was a historic moment. “It’s hard to meet my country (Portugal) as an enemy, but I wanted to give joy to Korean fans,” he said.

Coach Sergio also said, “I will go to Korea someday. I don’t know whether to go to work or vacation. I’m going to go no matter what. I can’t forget Korean fried chicken. It was really delicious. The same goes for my children. These days, my second son says, ‘I want to go back to Korea. I don’t want to live in Portugal,’ he said with a bright smile.

Bento and coach Sergio took over as coaching staff for the Korean national soccer team in September 2018 and said goodbye after the Qatar World Cup. He received strong trust from the players and made it to the round of 16 at the World Cup. That earned him the nickname ‘Benberger’. Bento also shed tears at the departure hall on the day he left Korea.

Coach Bento took a half-year break right after the World Cup and returned to the field. He was appointed as the head coach of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national team on the 10th. The contract period is three years until the 2026 North-Central America World Cup. South Korea and Bento may meet as enemies at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup tournament in Qatar in January 2024.

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