He won four championship games

Oh Se-geun left the team after 12 years. The destination is SK, who was the opponent of last season’s championship game. He visits Anyang, where he was attached as an away team in the opening game. That’s why you must have a special feeling.

In an interview after the game, Oh Se-geun said, “I’m worried and looking forward to it. However, I hope it feels good,” he expressed his wish.

However, not only Oh Se-geun’s uniform but also many things have changed. Starting with the change of the name of the sports team to Jeonggwanjang Sports Team, there have been many changes from new team names, uniforms, and even the Jeonggwanjang roster. Maybe that’s why. Oh Se-geun also conveyed his honest feelings.

“But on the other hand, the name has changed, and many parts have changed, so I think the emotions will be a little different. The team logo, which was familiar when entering the court, is not now. “I think I’ll feel different from the old days,” he said.

The day when he cried and laughed in Anyang met the fans who he had become attached to as away team players will not be long before. The opening game will be held on the 21st. This is the biggest reason to pay attention to the meeting between Jeong Kwan-jang and SK.


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