Gwangmyeong City to hold ‘2023 Festival Gwangmyeong’ 21~22, performances such as Haze and Resurrection

Gwangmyeong City, Gyeonggi Province, announced on the 17th that it will hold the ‘2023 Festival Gwangmyeong’ on the 21st and 22nd at the Gwangmyeong Citizens’ Gymnasium.Festival Gwangmyeong was designed as a festival for Gwangmyeong citizens to enjoy peace in their daily lives through music with the slogan of’BEAT I Gwangmyeong’.A number of performances by singers with solid fan bases, such as Haze, Kim Phil, Jaeho, and Dipunks, have been organized, attracting high interest from citizens.The city recruited 400 citizens to use the ‘1st row intuition zone’ where they can enjoy the performances right in front of the stage, but it closed early as more than 740 people applied in two days.Emotional rapper MJ Sunnyside, Kyungseo, who is loved for her sweet and refreshing voice, and talented indie singer-songwriter Siwa will also take the stage.In addition to the singers’ performances, the festival site will also feature a variety of spaces where you can experience camping 온라인카지노 and healing therapies, enjoy various foods, and sing and dance.

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