“Get 3 ready” First team coach visits second team every rest day, why?

A first-team coach visits the second-team training ground every off day. He’s a new coach, but he’s prioritizing communication with the second team.

SSG Landers new head coach Lee Shung-yong is currently in Chiayi, Taiwan, leading his first team players through a series of practice matches to prepare for the start of the regular season. However, the SSG second team is also training in the area. In preparing for the Taiwan camp, the SSG second team went in first and set up camp while the first team traveled to the same city after the first camp in the United States.

Accommodation and training grounds are close by. The first and second squads are about a 10-minute drive from each other. The second team, which used to train at the Chiayi Municipal Baseball Stadium, moved its main training venue to a nearby practice field when the first team joined, but they can still work closely together when necessary.

It’s a system that coach Lee had ordered from the start. With the first and second teams in close proximity, the first team coaching staff can call up any second team players they want to see in practice. Players from the second team, including rookie Park Ji-hwan, Jung Hyun-seung, Park Dae-on, Choi Hyun-seok, Choi Soo-ho, Seo Sang-joon, Park Min-ho, and others, came and went from time to time to play with the first team.

Head coach Lee Sung-yong also returned the favor. Before he left for camp, Lee asked the team to “organize the training schedule of the first and second teams so that the rest days are staggered.” He wanted to watch the second team play during the first team’s rest day. On Feb. 29, Lee went to the SSG 2nd team’s scrimmage against the Weichuan Dragons at Doryu Stadium and the SSG 2nd team’s scrimmage against the Fubang Guardians at Togang University Baseball Stadium on Feb. 4, and watched the players play from start to finish. I didn’t go to the bench because I didn’t want to put pressure on the players, but watched from the sidelines.

The oldest average age in the league. With so many players in their late 30s and early 40s, natural generational change is a priority for SSG right now. While Shin-soo Choo is approaching retirement, the roster is filled with veteran players, not just in his position, but in pitching and fielding. There is a sense of regret over the failure to develop and a desire to really start developing new players now.

Since his arrival, Lee has been in close and constant communication with second team coach Son Siheon. He doesn’t hesitate to call up the first team to see the players he recommends with a gleam in his eye. “When Coach Son speaks with such conviction in his eyes, it’s impossible not to listen,” Lee said, but he couldn’t hide a smile of satisfaction when the players he “picked” actually played confidently and confidently.

SSG 1 will conclude their Taiwan schedule with a practice game on the 6th and return home on the 7th. The second team will play two more games and return home on the 10th.

Coach Lee visited the second team’s practice game on the 4th, the last day of rest before returning home, and after checking on the players, he gave a number of instructions to coach 바카라사이트 Son Shi-heon. Now, SSG will enter the full-scale exhibition game system after returning home. The exhibition games are the final test before the regular season begins.

The key players in the second team camp that Lee specially ordered are rookie infielder Park Ji-hwan, rookie pitcher Choi Hyun-seok, and left-handed pitcher Lee Ki-soon. Park Ji-hwan, who is preparing to “multi-task” at second and third base, has already emerged as a Taiwan camp “hot star” for his hitting talent, while Choi Hyun-seok, with his reliable delivery and game management skills, caught the eye in the first practice game. Lee Ki-soon is also considered to have the best ball among the left-handers.

The plan is to manage these three players for the remainder of the second team camp so that they can start with the first team early in the exhibition games. The first and second teams will work together. It’s the first step toward both development and performance.


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