‘Forced Kiss Sexual Harassment'”Acts taken without malice”

Spanish Football Association President Finally Apologized for ‘Forced Kiss Sexual Harassment'”Acts taken without malice”

Luis Rubiales (45), president of the Spanish Football Association, who caused controversy over sexual harassment by suddenly kissing his country’s player who won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, eventually apologized.

“I made a mistake,” Rubiales said in a video statement on the 21st (local time), adding, “I was overwhelmed at the time.” It is an action taken without malice at the moment of joy,” he said.

He continued, “The repercussions outside have grown. It’s because the scene hurt many people’s hearts,” he said. “I must apologize for this. Through this incident, we will re-engrave the fact that we must learn more and act carefully as the head of an institution,” he said.

“It’s all the more sad because (winning the World Cup) is the greatest success of women’s soccer in our history. I’m trying to celebrate Spain’s second victory (both men and women), and this situation has affected me,” he said. Although Spain’s women’s soccer team has achieved great results, it is regrettable that her misbehavior has received more attention.

Spain’s women’s national soccer team beat England 1-0 in the final of the tournament at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia, on the 20th to build a golden tower of its first-ever World Cup victory. The players enjoyed the victory with the trophy, and officials also celebrated Spain’s victory and created a festive atmosphere.

However, viewers around the world had to frown at Rubiales’ unexpected behavior at the awards ceremony. He hugged Henifer Hermoso, who came up to the podium, and held the player’s face with both hands and kissed him. The scene was broadcast live around the world. Hermoso played in all seven matches played by Spain and scored three goals. He scored multiple goals in the second group match against Zambia and also scored in the round of 16 against Switzerland. In the final match against England, a penalty kick in the second half was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Hermoso later said he was “not in a good mood” after being asked about it during a live broadcast on his social networking service (SNS) in the locker room. He smiled and said it, but the scene was shared on social media, raising controversy. 토토사이트먹튀

Spanish media also criticized Rubiales’ behavior. “Besides the joy of the country, many fans were shocked by Hermoso’s forced kiss,” Marca reported. El Pais also said, ‘Ermoso did not like Rubiales’ kisses. “The president of the Spanish Football Association can be said to have been a misunderstanding, but it is an ‘attack’ to kiss (the other person’s) mouth all of a sudden,” he said in an editorial titled, “so are we.” “The thief’s kiss” does not always come surprisingly and pleasantly. On the contrary, it is an infringement.”

Spain’s Minister of Equality Irene Montero also pointed out through SNS, “Don’t take kissing without consent as a matter of course,” adding, “This is part of the sexual violence women experience on a daily basis.”

The New York Times in the U.S. pointed out that “sexual discrimination still remains in the soccer world has been broadcast live to the entire global community.”

As the controversy spread, Chairman Rubiales apologized and began to deal with the situation. Hermoso is also participating in the settlement through the Spanish Football Association, saying, “It was an expression of intimacy.” Hermoso said, “I was so happy to win the World Cup and it was a natural move,” adding, “There is no problem with the chairman.”

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