Santa and elves, a round of golf with Hwacheon-gun children

“Enjoying park golf with Santa and the elves made it an unforgettable memory.”On the 12th, a week after the opening of the Gangwon Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, Santa Claus and elves from Rovaniemi, Finland, ‘Santa’s hometown’, visited the Hwacheon-gun Park Golf Course, which has become the best park golf mecca in the country, and played a round with County Governor Choi Moon-soon and children to capture the hearts of children. Got it. Song Ju-young (11), who usually enjoys park golf, smiled brightly and said, “It was so amazing and great that Santa played park golf with us.”

The Finnish Santa and elf, who felt awkward because it was their first time playing park golf, learned their posture through a few swings and started playing a round, and the park golf users around them cheered and cheered.Hwacheon County Mayor Choi Moon-soon said, “We organized this event to provide unforgettable memories to local children and to promote the Park Golf Course, which has a good environment for tourists who visit the Sancheoneo Festival.” He added, “In addition to the Sancheoneo Festival, there are many other things to enjoy in the area, such as park golf. “I wanted to let people know that there are many,” he said. Santa and the elves also visit Santa’s Post Office in Hwacheon, which offers a unique postal service.Hwacheon-gun, a member city of the World Conference of Winter Cities Mayors, and the city of Rovaniemi, Finland, opened the Santa Post Office in Hwacheon-eup in 2018.

This Santa Post Office has been providing postal services for 6 years. If you write ‘To Santa Claus’ or ‘To Santa Claus’ in the mail address box and put it in the mailbox, it will be delivered to Santa’s post office in Hwacheon.Santa’s Post Office operates by sending the collected letters to Santa’s Post Office in Finland ahead of Christmas, receiving Santa’s reply and delivering them.In fact, from November 2022 to October last year, a total of 10,416 letters were received from children across the country and sent to Finland’s Santa Post Office, and responses were received around Christmas last year.Santa and the elves will hold a parade on Seondeung Street on the afternoon of the 13th, creating ‘Christmas in January’, and will visit the ice fishing spot until the 14th to 슬롯게이밍 communicate with festival participants.

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