Director Yoon Jung-hwan’s praise for Yang Min-hyuk, born in 2006

“I didn’t do that at that age. It’s great.”

Gangwon FC, led by head coach Yoon Jung-hwan, won 2-1 against Jeonbuk Hyundai on Monday in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Songam Sports Town Main Stadium in Chuncheon. With their third straight win, Gangwon (25 points) closed the gap on third-place Gimcheon Commerce (27 points).

Gangwon took the lead through Yang Min-hyuk in the third minute of the first half. They equalized through Jeonbuk’s Lee Young-jae in the 23rd minute, but Yago scored the winner in the 32nd minute.

After the game, Yoon said, “I thought it would be difficult because we were playing after two days off, but the players worked hard. We scored quickly and got the flow going. We are a heavy team, but there are some things that went well and some things that didn’t go well in terms of the will to play and the buildup. We moved better than I thought. With one man down, we had the numerical advantage and we created areas where we could score. We lost a few players to injury, but we have players who can fill in. We responded well to the variables. The content wasn’t bad. I heard it was our third win in three years and seven months. We have shortcomings, but we are working hard,” said Yang after the victory.

Yang Min-hyuk is still playing well. Yoon said, “Ahn Hyun-beom was going up a lot offensively, but we couldn’t capitalize in the first half. In the second half, we changed Yang Min-hyuk’s position to target that area. I can only say that Yang Min-hyuk is amazing. It’s not easy to play 90 minutes at his age. I don’t think I was able to do that at the same age. If he adapts to the professional game a little more and gets stronger, he will become a better player. There are things I’m confident in myself. She scored a goal without an angle and she took it 토토사이트 well. I think he will become a better player,” he praised.

Kangwon lost Kim Yi-seok to injury on the day. Coach Yoon said, “We have injuries every game and it hurts my head. Injuries are unavoidable, but we need to have the sense to avoid them. Kim Yi-seok was injured after colliding with Kim Dae-woo, and I don’t think he will be able to play for a while. He’s doing well with the players he has. I think the game will continue and opportunities will come for other players,” he emphasized.

“The players who are dedicated behind the scenes are the defenders and goalkeepers. (Lee) Kwang-yeon also makes saves when it’s dangerous. It leads to the team’s victory. If we don’t protect them from behind, we will have a hard time scoring in front. Hwang Mungi-ki, Lee Ki-hyuk, Kim Young-bin, and others are throwing their bodies around.”

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