Chung-Ang University captain Lim Dong-un “just like Moon Sung-gon”

“I have to play defense and rebound like Moon Sung-gon”

The clock is ticking again for the 2024 KUSF College Basketball U-League after a brief pause due to midterm exams. It will begin in earnest on Nov. 27, when Myongji University and Korea University meet.

Chung-Ang University, which is tied for third place with Dongguk University with three wins and one loss in the first four games of the season, 카지노사이트킴 is also preparing to make a comeback.

“It’s too bad that we lost to Sungkyunkwan University at the end,” said captain Lim Dong-un (196 cm, F), “If we had won that game, we could have started the season with a sweep, but we were pushed around in the offense. I didn’t play well,” he said, reflecting on the last four games.

“I need to rebound well, I need to run on the fast break, I need to make shots when I have the opportunity, but I made plays that got buried. I need to show a different look now,” he reflected.

Chung-Ang University head coach Yang Hyung-seok said of Lim, “He’s definitely a good player. He proved it in his third year, but his performance is uneven. There are ups and downs. He has an outside shot and a penetration ability. He needs to be bolder and more refined. His defense is also physical, so he can cover big men and defend the perimeter. He’s a versatile player. He needs to learn to be more proactive.”

“That’s what coach always tells me,” Lim said. I think about what he says and try to show what I have. (Sometimes I lose confidence when I don’t play well, and I think it shows in my ups and downs. I’m trying to overcome it through image training.”

“I need to make sure I’m getting rebounds on offense. I need to blend into the team’s defense and understand my matchups and tailor my defense. On offense, I try to show my strength by throwing the ball with confidence.”

He cites Suwon KT’s Moon Sung-gon as a role model. “I’ve heard a lot about him from my teachers, and he’s a player I have a lot to learn from. Willpower is especially important in defense. I need to defend and rebound like him. I’m watching a lot of videos.”

Finally, Lim said, “As a senior, I have to show how to lead the team, but I’m not living up to expectations. I’m going to be more fierce and actively communicate with my teammates. I want to do my best in my position and finish well as a senior. The team goal is to win unconditionally. Personally, I will try to make it a year where I can improve from the bad things I did well last year to the things I did not do well.”

Meanwhile, Chung-Ang University will be looking for its fourth win of the season when it hosts Chosun University at 2 p.m. on the 30th.

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